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You write “Raddatz especially.”

I think that’s worth pointing out. Anderson Cooper kind of let her take control, I thought. At least, from what I saw.

(So much of the debate was so uncomfortable, listening to Trump spout hate, I only listened with half-an-ear at times. Maybe that means I shouldn’t comment, but I’m an American dammit, I feel not just the right but the compulsion to voice my opinion, however half-baked.)

It was soothing to my soul to see that. To see Cooper allow her to lead, to see Cooper not feel the need to talk merely to hear his own voice. That’s refreshing; maybe it’s sexist — or betrays a sexist mindset — to point out that a man let a woman take control there, but that did make it particularly noteworthy, I think, even beyond that it’s too rare to see a team dynamic work out smoothly.

But it’s been on my mind recently because I’ve been watching a lot of clips on youtube in my attempt to consume more political discourse and I’ve stumbled across a show called “Morning Joe”. There are a few people on it; I’d say the main two are Joe and his female counter-part Mika. Joe is a blowhard; not an idiot, but dude needs to learn when to shut-up.
Mika doesn’t talk too much, so when she does I am really interested to hear what she has to say… and yet, despite her relative reticence, Joe still finds a way to step all over her words nearly every time. It drives me goddamn nuts.

2:32–2:40 She is just so full of emotions. Anger, resentment, frustration, resignation. And rightfully so.
Fucking Joe.

(Yeah, this wasn’t about the debate so much; mostly I just wanted to bring up this clip. I still want to know what her point was.)

And if you stuck with me and actually watched it (or even didn’t watch but are still reading): Trump said that he, Trump, was not racist because the Judge was proud of his heritage. That shows a pretty fundamental misunderstanding of what racism is, and even more basic, what the word “racist” means. Which… yeah, he doesn’t know what words mean. We knew that already too. Just one of about 20 reasons he’s either unfit or unqualified to be President.
(Semantic point:
Being racist = unfit
Not knowing words = unqualified)

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