Virtual Reality in Your Sports Arena

STEM in your Sports arena

Children and adult fans alike enjoy the latest techie gadgets. The ability to marry new technology with sports is becoming more of a reality. The sports industry has for some time been aware and has openly utilized science of sport.

Whats Stem got to do with it?

The ability to spiral the ball and the effect it will have on a throw serve or pitch is vital information, in any sport. Understanding how to position one’s body in order to gain maximum effect be it run tackle jump or rotate position using science to determine the best result has been of great benefit to athlete and franchises alike creating better performing athletes and less injuries due to improper movement.

Interactive Technology

Technology is elevating the sporting experience by creating ways to allow the fan to immerse his or herself directly into the action. The introduction of VR (Virtual Reality) to the Cavs arena during the playoffs was well received by the fan base introducing more ways to engage thru technology.

How does this work?

The technology utilizes glass free stereo display systems to curved-screen and immersive rooms consisting of multi-channel projection walls. The goal of EON Sports VR’s technology solutions is to capitalize on maximizing repetitions, and practice time to develop players in the VR world.

Here is the EON Sports video link.

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How can Technology fit in?

Let’s begin talking about how solutions like distributed ledger and IoT along with VR will make the fan interaction more enjoyable and interactive to the game experience.

Distributed Ledger

Selling of fake tickets DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) can bring about a resolution to this issue by having a mobile app that can scan a QR or barcode to determine if the ticket is valid. This would resolve this issue where there is no way to instantly validate whether a ticket is fake.

Internet of Things

The ability for fans to order food and drinks can be implemented and even allow for food to be bought and paid for as well as brought to your seat. Connecting to service menus from your seat and having food delivered or picked up when ready.

Virtual Reality

You are at the Football hall of fame and you have the opportunity to experience sporting events as if you were present. See your favorite hall of fame players as they were thru you VR experience.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers teamed up with Budweiser this playoff season to bring fans virtual reality (VR). Fans were given the opportunity to venture into fully immersive, 360-degree VR videos.

Who is creating this Environment?

The technology was made available by BBVA Compass for fans to install the official Cavs mobile app. The Cavs organization gave away a limited number of specially designed Budweiser- Cavalier cardboard viewing headsets for those attending the Round 2 Cavs vs Atlanta Hawks game May 4th at Quicken Loans Arena.

Who Else?

Companies like EON Sports are creating ways to use VR as a means to better train athletes. EON Sports VR using a software platform called sidekick have been on the cutting edge of visualization software. They look to provide state-of-the-art 3D display technology for immersive and stereoscopic viewing experience.

Why waste Time?

Companies and teams are searching for new ways to bring fans closer to the sports experience, and virtual reality is the vehicle to bring fans in and experience as if a part of the action. The Cavaliers are the first in the NBA to have VR natively built into their official team mobile app and one of the only teams in the league to offer exclusive VR content.

The technology presented an exclusive VR video that took fans inside the game day experience. New video was introduced throughout the playoffs and the response was better than expected.

Will fans like it?

When watching these videos on their mobile device, either as a 360-degree video or enclosed in the fully immersive VR headset, fans will feel like they are actually in the environment they are viewing. With the technology, fans will have the ability to pan and rotate their device or headset to view the panoramic videos, simulating real life experiences. The Cleveland Cavaliers did just that and the response was very positive from the fan perspective. AR is has become more than just a novelty with the availability of software to enhance the user experience and make it more common.

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Educating our youth

The San Francisco 49rs sponsored a sport to STEM education camp that was a 3-day event. The ability to make learning fun and apply it to real world experiences is challenging and exciting. To see youth, get excited about learning and to understand the relevance of the lesson as applied to real world only enhances learning for those involved.

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