Okay so What if… this ?

Stem education is to right time as breath is to air…. Okay maybe a little corny but my point is taken I hope. I want to talk about the Arduino boards that are available to purchase for relatively cheap I believe less than 40 or 50 dollars will get you one board.

Why in the world would anyone want to buy something like this, you ask? Well because of the potential to make money first of all… the ability to share with your kids an experience that will set them up for a career path. As well as the option to create something new and innovative that can assist not only you but the community and possibly the world. Can I introduce you to a couple of possibilities? Before I proceed and I want to give credit to an individual I fell deserves credit for his perspective. For innovating and allowing me to share one of his ideas to share with you, Thanks Ed Dunn.

The controller uses a simple programming language a watered down C# which is a powerful programming language to know. Yeah you can learn Spanish or Mandarin Chinese too but this programming language will not require you to buy some expensive cds the info is free as long as you have an internet connection. Plus learning this programming language will set you up to earn salaries well into the 6 figure range…. now how bout that for an economic push.

As I mentioned let’s talk about a couple of possibilities

An old bill acceptor can be purchased off Ebay. What you want to do is hook bill acceptor up to the micro controller and see how much money is inserted. Once we know how much money is inserted, you will display that amount on the screen. Now what can be done is build kiosks that take bills and create new forms of businesses that accept deposits for a prepaid mobile money transfer service in the community. This method introduces opportunities that will allow for smaller business to move away from the expensive bank readers and fees.

Another example might be to setup a system that uses RFID cards to control prepaid Laundromats. The laundromat can have a card swipe to let people into the facility. The same card can be used to load tokens that will be used on the machines to wash. The token concept will keep anyone from using even if they manage to get inside the facility.

With an LED display for a business one can create a looping light effect for signage to grab attention. The same could be considered for a club indoor or outdoor displays. The same type situations in Times Square and Tokyo, smaller versions of those displays in the local neighborhood can make the whole block vibrant. Smaller batteries that cost about $20 can power the Arduino light setup for a week solar panels or wind can be used to recharge that $20 battery.

The Arduino also has a robotic track platform that uses a camera this can be used to help navigate a senior community. The bot could search out suspicious activity or residence leaving who need to be under watch care and or threats to safety. These same bots could be considered to deliver messages, medicine and even packages. Facial recognition on the video feed will allow the bot to recognize out of place activity and verify members of the building community thru a records database.

These are just a couple simple examples of what can be done with micro controllers that you and your children can get into.

STEM skills are what our youth need to be competitive in this new age. We as parents can help along the way and even position self for the new era coming. These are the skills good paying jobs in the world over need but many are not qualified. Something like Arduino is a really good start ,hook up sensors and lights and learn to program them. Then move up to more powerful implementations that will allow one to create solutions for the community.

I really hope folks take this article seriously and understand why I consider this topic worthwhile. These are opportunities that will not matter if you are 5 or 50, have a felony or dropped out of college or a stay at home mom or dad.

These are a couple of examples of what can be done and these ideas are what are considered scalable. You can also sell an idea to a bigger corporation if you so desire because they will be able to take your idea and run with and not have to redo in order to implement the solution you designed. Understanding the ways to present your idea as such is another topic I would like to discuss soon.

Being innovative and creative that’s the reason poor people everywhere enjoy whatever comforts. You see we are not powerless despite all the negative publicity.

Educating our children on how to succeed and making sure the schools are doing the same. What if a few people joined together to begin this process of making sure our children are more prepared in STEM related subject matter? I travel to many school districts and see how schools instruct and interact with students. Some offer programs that are in line with the current college and workforce expectations and some schools are left behind still doing things as if we are in the 50’s.

These opportunities I want to discuss with you as we get to know one another. There are plenty of other ideas I want to share with you about how we can be self-sufficient by creating business models that will outlast you and me. I have to admit I am no angel or anything like that I have bills and issues too but I am on a journey and I want you to be a part of that journey.

Now this is a starter kit and cost about the same as a video game maybe less. This kit comes with instructions as it is developed for 10 and over so even though it look like a lot of stuff don’t be afraid I would suggest buying for the kids and using this as a means to spark interest in them as well as you. Once you get started you will see that it can be done and don’t worry about not getting it first off. In my opinion don’t be on that petty shit cause the only time you fail is when you quit not when you try, so get on it and stay with and be a success. I recently got my youngest daughter interested in coding she started off with robotics and has been participating for several years and now is moving to creating websites and learning C# coding language. I am very excited about this and I don’t mind if I sound too much like a geek.

So take a chance and check this out. I will be getting back real soon with more useful information and ideas on business models that we can create as solutions for our neighborhoods, self and families on the local level.

Thank you for reading

Eric Scott

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