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Michael Baumann just made such a good argument for this show that I might give it a second chance. I watched the first season mainly because I had just finished reading Leviathan Wakes and I’d heard that a lot of The Expanse was based on that novel (the show is based on the entire series of books and Season 1 was about 75% Leviathan Wakes, 25% other books in the series which I have not yet read). It’s not like I disliked Season 1…I thought it was a strong adaptation with a surprisingly effective cast — in addition to Jane, Oscar-nominee Aghdashloo and Strait, there were cameos by Paulo Costanzo and “The God” Jonathan Banks — but there was something…a bit ponderous about it that made me stay away from Season 2. And in the era of Peak TV, even those of us who enjoy watching TV aren’t exactly looking to add new shows to keep up with.

But now I’m intrigued enough to dive back in. To me, BSG (the reboot) is the best science fiction show TV has produced, with Deep Space Nine a close second. If The Expanse is in that company, then jumpsuits or no jumpsuits, I need to be watching it!

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