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Um, guys, I’m getting a little sick of hearing about “Bill O’Brien, Quarterback Guru”. He’s the first person to tell you what a great quarterback teacher he is (if we can believe the reports by Ryan Mallet, Brock Osweiler and Brian Hoyer anyway) but his only real claim to fame is that he was on the Patriots staff in the younger days of Tom Brady. Tom Brady…I don’t think O’Brien can take credit for that, although he certainly does. He is justifiably on thin ice in Houston, despite the fact that the Texans play in the softest division in the NFL and merely have to show up and find a way to not lose three or more games against division opponents to make the playoffs. There’s actually more evidence that O’Brien is NOT a good molder of quarterbacks than there is evidence that he is. Okay…end of rant! Otherwise, I thought this was a smart breakdown of the Draft.

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