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Yes, once again the NFL is “fixing” a problem that it created by making things unnecessarily complicated. Gridiron football is a game that could use a LOT of innovations and some more honest thinking by its caretakers — and by the players. Here’s my humble suggestion: each team in OT is guaranteed no more than one possession. If each team scores a field goal on their first possession in OT, call what comes next a SECOND overtime and get rid of the kickoffs and punts and go with a version of the college rules. Maybe start possession at the 30 instead of the 25 and force teams to go for 2 after a touchdown? It would be more exciting, I guarantee that…

Oh, and the NFL is worried about too long games before Thursday nights? That’s rich. Make the only Thursday night games the league opener and the Thanksgiving games — NO ONE like the Thursday games except the greedy owners. But that will never happen, will it?

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