Don’t Be Afraid To Hit Delete

What are you working on?

  • Paper
  • Blog
  • Presentation
  • Pitch
  • Video

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself (credit Paul Hudnut):

  • Is it clear? Ensure that it is easy to understand — well organized.
  • Is it concise? Make sure that it is short and simple — with minimal repetition.
  • Is it credible? Make sure your conclusions are supported by research/data — there’s a logical flow.
  • Is it compelling? Be sure conclusions are convincing — that readers/customers/end users are motivated to act.

Does your work hit the four C’s?

Is it essential or just noise?

Editing — removing the noise — is your most creative work. According to writer and artist Austin Kleon, “creativity is subtraction.” Interestingly enough since editing became an Oscar category in 1934, only nine films have won best picture without at least a nomination for editing. Of the 61 films that have won best picture Oscars since 1952, 32 have won the editing Oscar as well.

Be Creative, Hit Delete!