Deploying a Serverless Youtube-To-Gif Telegram bot with OpenFaaS

Eric Stoekl
Sep 26, 2017 · 6 min read
Because it’s running OpenFaaS, you can replace the EC2 instance with any other kind of server imaginable. Raspberry Pi, bare-metal, etc.
Create a GIF from any YouTube video

1. Create the Telegram Bot

2. Deploy OpenFaaS on EC2

Select the ‘Ubuntu Server 16.04’ AMI
repo_update: true
repo_upgrade: all

- curl -sSL | sudo sh
- sudo usermod -a -G docker ubuntu
- docker swarm init
- cd /tmp
- git clone -b higherTimeout
- cd ./faas
- ./
- cd /tmp
- curl -sSL | sudo sh
OpenFaaS listens on port 8080, so keeping this port open is essential.
$ ssh -i <your-key-pair.pem> ubuntu@<your-ec2-public-dns>
Pass some markdown to the ‘func_markdown’ function and hit ‘Invoke’ to test that your OpenFaaS deployment is up and running

3. Deploy the core functions of the Youtube-To-Gif Telegram bot on OpenFaaS

~ $ git clone
~ $ cd tg-youtubegif
lang: node
handler: ./telegram-gif-bot
image: ems5311/telegram-gif-bot:0.2
write_timeout: 65
read_timeout: 65
write_debug: true
~/tg-youtubegif $ faas-cli build -f tg-youtubegif.yml
~/tg-youtubegif $ faas-cli deploy -f tg-youtubegif.yml
curl <your-AWS-public-DNS>:8080/function/youtube-dl -d "" | curl -X POST <your-AWS-public-DNS>:8080/function/gif-maker --data-binary @- > yt.gif
If you get a file containing this, congrats, your OpenFaaS deployment works!

4. Create the API Gateway

The Telegram bot will send messages to this gateway through HTTP POST requests
{"ok":true,"result":true,"description":"Webhook was set"}
If you see this result when you paste a YouTube video to your Telegram bot, congratulations!


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