What we are witnessing in America, triggered by the murder of George Floyd, is the biggest challenge to America’s status quo for sixty years. It may prove an even bigger and more successful challenge than the Civil Rights Movement, because it has a broader racial coalition supporting it.

At this moment across America, and the world, solidarity for George Floyd is at a peak, as protesters demand a more equitable social contract for America’s black citizens. There is so much energy being galvanised, so much rage and emotion.

Yet it is in danger of fizzling, of losing momentum.

There has…

For large scale energy infrastructure in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, the most difficulties lie in the following buckets: risk and ticket size.

Risky Business

At a high level, risk can be broken down into three categories: political, financial and economic. All, of course, interconnected.


Too often in the target markets, there is no systematic way of starting, and running, an energy infrastructure project. This creates uncertainty about how long it would take to set up, and how reliably it could be run without political interference. In democratic countries elections tend to bring economies to a halt, and…

Eric Sukumaran

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