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BitLeague. Snowden. San Fran. Bitcoin2019 Takeaways

I went to Bitcoin2019 — and it was awesome.

Now, I’m not a fintech guy by any stretch of the imagination: I’ve got about 5K in bitcoin holdings, accumulated by *shrewd* investing over the past year or so. But and still, I was pleasantly surprised by the overall event. Aside from being in a beautiful city like San Francisco, the event hosted a number of pretty incredible speakers, sponsors were super friendly, innovative, and accomodating, the food was delicious, and they even had a one-of-a-kind “Bitcoin store” with cool event gear and prizes.

I didn’t stay the whole time, but I did leave the two-day crypto-extravaganza with a newfound appreciation for the crypto space and the tastemakers therein. Takeaways? Well — there were quite a few.

Move aside Celsius… BitLeague’s on the scene

That’s right. The folks at BitLeague have apparently pioneered a way to get me a guaranteed 9% return on my current holdings without fluctuation or the stupid rules that change the game based on how much bitcoin you’re working with. If it’s legit, it’ll be a gamechanger for crypto guys like myself that are looking to get more bang for their crypto buck. It’s a free, U.S. based platform, which means low-risk for me. I’ll most definitely be checking them out.

Snowden’s still awesome

Well, Bitcoin2019 somehow found a way to arrange a fireside chat with the guy, and man, was it awesome. He called in from somewhere in Russia (or wherever he’s currently hanging out), and we spent at least an hour listening to an interesting Q&A session that addressed everything from his current activities to his thoughts on the state of bitcoin. Of course, the moderator saved the ultimate question — whether or not Snowden had bitcoin holdings of his own — for last. He said he didn’t… but I think we all know the truth.

Snowden’s popup was easily the most exciting moment of the event — as evidenced by the standing room only crowd. I’m glad I got there early!

San Francisco’s probably the tech capital of the world

The city really was the perfect backdrop for an awesome event — and it wasn’t surprising that so many sponsors mentioned having offices nearby (even Bitleague had a setup in Palo Alto, despite already having an office on the exact opposite side of the country.) Super glad I went, and even more thrilled for what bitcoin and crypto in general will show us over the next few years!

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