Patricia Churchland on Immanuel Kant; or why non-fiction is best taken with a pinch of salt

Policía Nacional preparing for anti-government rallies at the National Palace of Culture earlier this year. Photo by Juan Calderón.

Valeria doing the morning sweeping at Pa’nibal

True events. Originally published at

A rural Guatemalan household with a combined income of less than $2 daily.

Photo by Carlos Sebastián, originally published on Nómada.

At least 37 girls dead after International Women’s Day protest

Angel, a nine year old boy in Lanquín, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Angel started collecting firewood for sale from the jungle when he was six. He does not attend school. Only a fraction of the local youth population in Lanquín attend school due to a lack of schoolhouses and teachers as well as economic pressure to begin working early in life. Angel’s father also collects firewood for sale.

A mother and her daughter stand in front of their home in a northern region of Guatemala. In 2015 the Guatemalan Gross National Income (GNI) per capita was less than $10 per day. About 60% of Guatemalans live on less than $4 per day. World Bank, Data, Guatemala.

Mayan deity figurines, clay.

Dreams, Complex Instinct Behavior and the Collective Unconscious

Eric Toupin

Everyone lives their fiction. I don’t know what non-fiction is.

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