What Is Closing Anyway?

“Closing is the act of obtaining commitments, including all of the decisions that advance the sale”-Anthony Iannarino

Often, I hear sales people or even those outside of the hat of sales, simply state closing as “Doing whatever it takes to get the customer to sign is all that counts”. Honestly, that is shallow and just does not provide any value whatsoever! Or, you may often hear very holistic and broad definitions ( e.g., “closing is all about what you do from beginning of the sale to the final transaction and then whatever follows that”)

In short, there are many misconceptions on closing, and to help those out there understand further what the close is here are simply a few misconceptions about closing that all should know and work to avoid:

  1. Closing Techniques always work:

These gambits only work in respect to losing your business. In a study done by Neil Rackham in 2016, he found that high close calls (calls that averaged 5.8 in closing behaviors) had a success rate of approximately 37%. Whereas, low-close calls (calls that averaged 1.4 in closing behaviors) had a success rate of approximately 70%. So, increasing close attempts inadvertently proved to be 33% less effective!

2) Clients are Happier After They’ve Made a Decision (so use closing techniques to manipulate them to a purchase is for their own good) :

In short, what you’re doing is using the person as an ends to a mean.To be blunt, how satisfied do you think a client is after you have pressured them into making a purchase? This will lead to left-field complaints, buyer remorse, cancellations and people seeing you with poor credibility. Do you want to fit into this mold? I think not….The best way to get around this is to simply avoid the “THINKING” to do so.

3) If you do everything else right, the sale will close itself:

How you frame your communication to the client matters. Many salespeople believe that if the right set of experiences are in place, the client will feel comfortable in being handled in a sense of facilitation, presenting them with pretty looking options through emails and savvy follow-ups on the next call (stalling the decision process), while never making an effort to raise a closing question. Remember the sale does not close itself. Once a client has expressed that they are in a decision mindset, simply present them with the best option that matches to suit their needs today! — And simply ask them to make it!