Silva Surfer: The Power and Impact of a “Wonder Junkie”

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” — Leo Burnett

I don’t remember how or when I first discovered Jason Silva. The philosopher, futurist, and TV personality has had such a presence in my life that it’s almost impossible to recall a time when I didn’t know who he was. He’s a force on the internet, and even more so in my subconscious.

Silva’s Shots of Awe series on YouTube simulatenously nourishes the mind, the heart, and the soul. There is no one else like him. He spews forth poetic, insightful observations on life as if his mind couldn’t contain them all. His mind is, quite literally, a gift that keeps on giving — if Silva were a comic book hero, it would no doubt be his superpower.

Now, we have his new National Geographic show, “Origins,” in which Silva takes us on a trip into the depths of what makes humans human, going back to the beginning of human civilization. The show is a thrilling mix of scripted drama and documentary.

Silva has found a way, in all of his work, to make philosophy more accessible, more vital and urgent to a new generation. He’s driven by a profound and infectious curiosity for life. Even his Instagram videos pulsate with an undeniable vitality.

We need artists and creative thinkers like Jason Silva now more than ever to keep curiosity alive. Silva changed my life by sharing his truth and asking us to challenge and question our own truths. Let us keep the fire burning.