So, you agree allowing a relatively small number of refugees in, will not solve the problem.
Michael Lancina

Stop claiming all I have is “racial affinity”.

If you respond with one more racist comment against me, pinning my system of beliefs based on my heritage I was born into, after you were denied my roots in the first place, I will not respond again. This blocks all intelligent conversation and a desire to have an academic conversation with you. Stop it.

Theres a lot of other people who are in need also. In January I am going to Istanbul to teach business English to refugees that fled mostly from Iraq and Syria. You are talking to someone, who’s life is build around refugee aid. My body goes where aid is possible for me to go. I am just one person, and I am putting my legs where my mouth is. Your desire to knock me down in that way is petty. Sub-Saharan African countries are not all impoverished. It’s just not true. You are forgetting about the thriving metropolitan areas like Lagos, a strong economy in Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, and many other countries. They’re are humanitarian disasters in other countries, and I’m not denying it. I am simply talking about the problems at our border.

I encourage you to read the Geneva Conventions which the United States signed. It clearly states that people fleeing from violence is good enough reason for asylum. This is why people feeling from cartel violence and terrorism violence have been accepted into the United States and in Europe. Violence in a home country internationally is good enough to flee. Accepting refugees does not necessarily encourage a dangerous journey. Most people, do not want to flee their homes.