Beyonce’s Road to Album of the Year




Beyonce’s new path

  • Beyoncé needs to release an actual hit single. Beyoncé’s last number one single was “Single Ladies” off her I am… Sasha Fierce album. While “Formation” did hit number 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts, all the other singles off the album failed to leave a mark on the chart. The same goes with her last album, Beyoncé. Adele’s “Hello” was massive, spending ten weeks atop the Hot 100 chart. It was literally everywhere. And while you can make the case for certain songs on Lemonade, I’d challenge you to find a chorus that you couldn’t stop singing months after its release.
Photo Credit: Matt Sayles, Associated Press
  • Beyoncé should give up her God complex. Beyoncé has proven that she is worthy of all the praise in the world. However, she now expects it. Take her Grammy performance, for example. She came out in a gold outfit with a “halo” ring around her head. She was solely focused on her pregnancy, as if it was the first set of twins born in the history of mankind. She was allowed to perform a portion of every song from her album at this year’s VMAs. Who else would be allowed to do that?! She’s proclaiming to us that we are witnessing the second coming of Jesus, and she might be right, but let us be the ones to decide that. A humble Beyoncé is always my favorite.​
  • She needs to get personal. One of Beyoncé’s biggest issues is that she doesn’t let the public see anything personal. Although Lemonade was considered her most personal album to date, it was hard to decipher what was real and what was for show. She needs to let us see the real Beyoncé.
  • She also needs to avoid song-writing/ copyright controversies. We all know that Beyonce is an amazing performer, but there have been multiple times that she’s come under fire for possibly copying the creative decisions of others. For example, take her amazing billboard performance from the 2011. It was quickly brought out that there where many similarities with the performance of singer Lorella Cuccarini. There are also rumors that she has bought writing credits for her songs over the years. There is nothing wrong with not writing your own songs. There are plenty of legends who never wrote their own songs. (Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross)
  • And on that note… she needs to do more promotion! Beyoncé is the queen of performing. She is an undeniable force on that stage. However, with her last two albums, she’s been a bit absent from the promotional scene. While we did get the HBO Lemonade special, we only had the Super Bowl and VMA performances to relish in her glory. Yes, the Formation tour soon followed, but she needs to make her performances more frequent and accessible to the masses.




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