No one is debating whether or not the point is to win, but how people win.
Charles Tyler

Charles is right. Here’s how you know: If, somehow, GS had room to sign LeBron for one season after the finals, and Lebron decided to sign with them…you don’t think everyone would call it the cheapest, most bitch-ass move in all of sports? Of course. And they’d be right.

“But why? Winning is all that matters!”

No, how one wins matters. Charles is correct about that and his examples.

However, I -am- glad players get more say in where they play, and are less at the mercies of the owners.

I guess I just wish Durant was a different kind of person, so go along with his otherworldly talent.

Because right now, barring LeBron going to SA with Chris Paul and I-don’t-know-who-else, the league is uninteresting, and irrelevant.

Unless someone on the GSW gets injured, but one should never wish for a person to be injured.