Fascism & Nazism. Old words turned modern buzzword.

Courtesy of Independant.co.uk

The past few days, there has been some controversy in Germany & The Netherlands regarding its state of affairs. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called the countries ‘’Fascist and Nazist’’, 2 words that especially in these countries, do not fare well. There is a large population of German and Dutch citizens of Turkish descent who are going to vote about an impending referendum, which could give the President a lot more power.

Now every Turkish citizen is allowed to vote, as it is with every citizen living in another country. However, Germany & The Netherlands do not want the Turkish ministers campaigning in their countries. Especially in The Netherlands, where we are so close to the general elections ourselves, there is already plenty of things happening. “the Netherlands could not cooperate in the public political campaigning of Turkish ministers in the Netherlands.” Officials of the government said. The only thing that will happen with the Turkish community in The Netherlands is that it will be even further divided, may any minister from the Turkish government come to campaign.

I had a discussion with a friend, who told me that there are also camps who are campaigning against this referendum. I agree that this is highly undesirable too, and it should be either everyone is allowed to or nobody is.

But, what do you accomplish by calling a democratic country fascist or nazist? Besides the fact that this does not help your cause, this will only put you in a worse position politically. Now that he said there will be sanctions against The Netherlands, should they be scared? I personally don’t think so, considering the position of Turkey in the world politics and economics. But you can be the judge of that yourself.