The European Union, its immigration dream and why it’s insulting.

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It’s an insult to Europe to not call us diverse. Frans Timmermans has been repeatedly saying we need diversity and there’s no way around it. ‘’Diversity is seen as a threat’’ Timmermans said. This is not the case. There is no issue with color or race even. It’s a culture issue. And rest assured he’s not talking about bringing in the Latin American culture or the Asian culture. Islamic culture is what it’s about. Maybe it’s a bit far-fetched to say that the goal is to eradicate the European culture, but the more I read, and see about this issue, and the more it’s left untouched by popular media, the more it creeps up to me as a possible reason for this massive migration.

It’s comparable to the Great Migration during the first millennium AD. These migrations were accompanied with or without war and invasions, in quite a lot of cases they were. Much like these days, (Muslim) migration has been accompanied by quite a struggle. All over Europe, there have been terrorist attacks by radicalized Muslims, who are fed up with our society apparently. This is the Jihad, the holy war. Now it’s hard to prevent attacks like the ones in Paris, Berlin, Nice and so on from happening. But you can at least try. Said many times, but I’ll say it again. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all(in recent years) terrorists are Muslims. Muslims aren’t the problem either. Islam is. And to stop this problem you need strong immigration laws. We are diverse. Europe is an extremely diverse continent.

Frans Timmermans

Benefits of Muslim Migration

So a big question to ask in not only the European Parliament but also in the respective states: Have the effects of the presence of Islam in Europe been beneficial or unbeneficial?

Another big point is the equality for women, homosexuals, Jewish people and other groups. These are important values in Europe. Is the Muslim migration to Europe beneficial or unbeneficial to maintain these values?

One could say that bringing Muslims into Europe on a large scale and the values stated above are mutually exclusive. But the ‘European’ Union is perhaps not so European since they are not representing European interests. Instead, it looks like it’s more going towards the ‘Middle Eastern Union’.

In the video above Timmermans explains diversity is related to Globalisation. This is not true. Take a look at countries like Japan, South Korea or China. These are big international players, benefiting from globalism. But all these countries have 1 thing in common: A highly monocultural society.

This leads to the conclusion that diversity is not linked to globalization, but to Muslim migration and (for some reason) the EU’s interest in achieving this feat.