Life Thesis

Most major issues in our modern society seem stem from the same lack of appreciation for all life being equally valuable. Great power requires great responsibility and we should no longer accept our role of most able species as an invitation to take advantage of other manifestations of life. The only true goal we should have is to ensure that life — being the most miraculous, serendipitous, and beautiful result of the universe — carries on. The best possible way to do that is to flourish the widest variety of species in the highest quantities across the largest area possible. This does not result from greedy hoarding of resources for our one single species. It results from our humbly accepting the role as earth and universe caretaker. We should strive to put our large brains and nimble fingers to work on ensuring fruitful expansion and high productivity for all life. It may even be possible that at some point our role as leader may need to be passed on to a species evolving and surpassing our own. We should gladly welcome the opportunity to endeavor alongside beings so magnificent and bright while we work together to spread life throughout the stars.