We climbed and climbed and climbed. Then arrived at the unexpected view. I’d never been here. It surprised me. Lucan was excited. He said, “Dad, I can see the world!”

“Dad, I can see the world!”

I won’t ever get a tattoo because the things I almost know before I hear them remind me of why I am in the world. These are my tattoos. “Dad, I can see the world!”

Lucan didn’t linger. He scampered off bare foot. I glanced down at his motor legs turning up sand. Then up at that giant view. Quite a dichotomy.

In the face of that vast view, Lucan’s tracks reminded me of our smallness. It’s a beautiful insignificance. Yet, with each step, there went my world. My flesh and blood running fast enough to create his own wind. His tiny breath so alive and well and strong, pulsing into the ears of my heart.

Without expecting him to hear me, I said, ‘We have miles to go together Lucan Frederick Walker.’

It felt like a signature first for us, a first of many where together we’d be our own truth of spirit staring into the majesty of it all. And one of us would always notice. I am so proud that it was him today.

“Dad, I can see the world!”

I kept replaying his words. For a moment, I had doubts in myself.

Am I “damaged goods?” Because with another glance, I’m reminded how sand changes — always — a constant temporary home for what suffering creates when things come together and then fall apart. This view was, if anything, proof there’s plenty of room for that coming together and falling apart. Maybe that’s the point.

“Dad, I can see the world!”

Are you sure that’s not your own dizziness, son? Because I think it’s a carving from all our vein movements toward what can’t be seen and what isn’t ever going to be known.

‘Yeah this is a tattoo moment,’ I muttered to myself then pulled the phone from my back pocket to snap a quick picture. I kept walking to keep up. We were headed for the water now.

Lucan Frederick — middle name after my grandfather whose spirit I wanted always to be with this sweet boy.

We marched onward, in and out and up and down through the sand dunes.

I paused for both of us. The waves crashed hard, still in turmoil from the thunder and lighting storm the night before. It was rough out there.

“Dad, I can see the world!”

Yes you can! Me too Lucan! Me too!

I took off all of my clothes and leaned into the wind. Then spread my arms like the gulls that hover on the ancient air. My heart pounded wide open in my chest. I dove in.

Lucan followed.