A Few Things Wrong with the Facebook iOS App

When you click on a picture or a video on the Facebook app, you will enter this “preview page” (the first picture down below). I happened to notice that there are small differences of the interface between a picture preview and a video preview. These differences in my opinions are not intentional and hence mistakes ignored by Facebook.

The “Bermuda Triangle”

On the preview page, after you click the comment button at the bottom of the screen, the comments section will pop up. Comments section for a picture (left image) has a little triangle at right above the keyboard and below the “write a comment” textfield; the triangle is nowhere to be found on the comments section for a video (right image).

Because the triangle is a “leftover” from when the keyboard is closed. Look at the left image below, the little triangle sits on top of “comment” as a marker to suggest that the page is the comment page. When the keyboard is open (right image), the “like comment share” bar is gone, but the triangle remains. The triangle is meaningless at this point and should be removed. 
(Both images below are comments for a picture.)

“Like Comment Share”

At the bottom of the scree, comments section on a picture (left) has the “like comment share” bar; comments section on a video (right) doesn’t. Look at the very bottom of the images below.

What’s more interesting is that the “like comment share” bar at the bottom on the left image below is redundant. First, the “comment” button performs the same function as the “Write a comment…” text field right above it (left image); only one button is needed to make a comment. Then the “like” and “share” buttons DON’T do anything but close the comments. (They don’t like or share) and they have no reason to be there. Therefore the bar at the bottom should be removed and be the same as the comments section on a video (right image).

The same kind of inconsistency happens on the preview page as well. On the left is a picture opened and it has no status bar on the top; on the right is a video and it does have the status bar. This difference carries throughout the entire app. Whenever a picture is opened, the status bar on the top disappears. 
Also “Like Comment Share” buttons along with captions have different colors. On a picture (left image bottom), “like comment share” buttons and the caption are white; on a video (right) they are gray. This could be a conscious choice but I don’t really see any reason but that gray on black background has a weaker contrast and may be better for watching videos.


It seems that two different teams develop the picture viewing and video viewing separately. Therefore there are these minute inconsistencies on the interface. Hopefully someone at Facebook will find out and fix them in their next update.