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  1. The free market is a powerful force that can create opportunity. We should let it.
  2. We should focus on equal opportunity rather than equal results. People who work smarter or harder should reap the rewards.
  3. A smaller government, largely devolved to the states, is both more in line to what the framers intended and more effective. The federal government should be bound by the limits set out in the constitution.
  4. Similarly, the rule of law needs to be enforced consistently, constitutionally, and fairly according to our system of checks and balances. Judges should not legislate. Presidents shouldn’t either.
  5. Honoring the Bill of Rights, including every part of the first amendment and the second amendment are vital for a society that calls itself free. (I personally feel the fourth amendment is under assault and needs to be restored, but this is probably a minority position within conservatism.)
  6. Foreign policy should be pragmatic and rooted in national interest. The military should be equipped to the task.
  7. To talk about rights without a right to life is farcical. The sanctity of life should be a cornerstone of any civilized society.
  8. People should be judged by the content of their character, not by the checks on their identity politics bingo card. We reject identity politics as dehumanizing and divisive.
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