Eric Reviews — Little Shop of Horrors

This is the second instance of the series Eric Reviews — Plays/Musicals.


My knowledge of theater, musicals, and plays is basically non-existent. I’ve never been involved in the production a play, nor have I spoken at length with anybody who has. If you’re somebody that knows a lot about theater and can correct me something I’ve written or expand my knowledge please leave a comment or reach out to me directly.


Little Shop of Horrors was definitely an enjoyable show. The very-basic summary is that a guy discovers his mystery plant (basically a fly-trap) can talk and everything goes off the rails from there. I was completely unfamiliar with the show (there is also a movie I haven’t seen) until I heard it was playing. I had never previously been to (or even heard of) the Bellevue Little Theater, where it was playing. I started listening to the soundtrack on Spotify a couple days before the show, but didn’t listen enough that I had memorized the songs.

I attended with friends on Sunday October 1st, on the final showing. The theater itself seems like it’d be very small or old based on the lobby when you walk in, but it’s actually a very nice place to see a show.

The leads did a phenomenal job, especially Kyle Avery as Seymour. The Seymour character is very unique, and I felt like Kyle nailed it.

My Favorite Song

Check out the broadway sountrack on spotify

Samantha Shatley, Brenda Smrdel, Carrie Beth Stickrod with “Da-Doo”. These three mostly sung together, and “Da-Doo” wasn’t limited to them alone, but I loved the blending of voices and do-wop style.

Honorable Mentions:

Kyle Avery & Jen Dillon (Seymour & Audrey) — Suddenly Seymour

Company — The Meek Shall Inherit

James Verderamo (Orin) — Dentist!

My Favorite Performance

James Verderamo as the Dentist (Orin). I thought he looked familiar, and it turns out he was also in the Omaha Community Playhouse production of Beauty and the Beast, which I loved. In this role as a sadistic dentist that abuses female lead Audrey, I found myself hating him and having to remind myself that he’s just acting. During his signature song (Be a Dentist!) he came off the stage to suggest that members of the audience “say AGH!”, and one of those happened to be in my party, which made the performance particularly memorable.

Honorable Mention:

Kyle Avery as Seymour

Jen Dillon as Audrey

My Recommendation

Unfortunately because I attended the last showing, a recommendation doesn’t do a lot of good. That said, I enjoyed myself in my first trip to the Bellevue Little Theater, and definitely would have recommended the show to anyone looking for some laughs and catchy songs. It definitely wasn’t as good as the last show I reviewed (Mamma Mia), but that’s a pretty high bar.