Eric Welch
Feb 21, 2018 · 1 min read

What I found funny about so many of the reviews is how contradictory they are. (Not to mention the comments here.)

First, the speaker uses a similar technology as the BeoLab 90 ($86,000 a pair). But I’m still not sure what that technology is actually. Then Gizmodo’s reviewer (or was it Engadget) said that the HomePod only has highs and lows and no middle. Absurd claim that exposes the author as one of those who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

How many bring up the rings, but don’t mention Sonnet’s speaker does it too?

Many legitimate criticisms for sure. I can’t have direct Tidal or Pandora streaming? I have to use AirPlay? Too bad.

I have decided against a HomePod for now. Even a pair for real stereo. But from what I can gather out of the cloud of noise, is that it’s phenomenally good at hearing your normal spoken voice even at full volume. The sound is as good as one could hope for such a device. But I think I’ll build my own home theater/audophile (within reason) system. I just hope it can be as smart at adjusting to a room.

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