Music Teacher suspended for inciting lunch room riot

Iowa City teacher, Mary Zahm, has been suspended for two weeks for causing a lunchroom food fight. The events that lead up to the food war were escalating after months of tension she had with one particular student.

The student’s name is not public and will be referred to as “James”

“Ms. Z and James always went back and forth in class and James liked to push her buttons,” said fellow student, Stephanie Moyer.

James would purposely read music in class as F-hashtag or C-hashtag instead of f sharp or c sharp. We all thought it was funny because you could tell it would annoy her,” Stephanie reported.

On December 5th, Ms. Zahm apparently had enough and decided to take some liberties with the school sanctioned “Casual Friday” policy. She wore a hooded sweatshirt that spelled out the difference between a hashtag and a sharp symbol. Some students thought she was goading James with the shirt.

“I thought it was weird she wore it because she never wore sweatshirts and she only helped out in the lunchroom on Fridays. It just seemed weird, you know?” explained student Jeff Williams.

As Ms. Zahm was walking through the lunchroom, James saw the message on her hoodie, stood up and yelled out, “Hashtag YOLO!” He then whipped a turkey sandwich on wheat at Ms. Zahm and hit her square in the back.

“Everyone burst into laughter but Ms. Z seemed calm. She just walked over to a table, grabbed a cupcake from a student, and hurled it at James. She hit him right in the side of the head! It was the best thing ever; I think she’s got a better arm than me,” said starting QB Jeff Williams.

The cupcake tumbled down James’ face, leaving a trail of pink frosting. As if everyone read the memo at the same time, the entire lunchroom broke out into a food fight.

“A lot of good desserts were lost that day,” Jeff said while holding his head down.

Ms. Zahm has been put on unpaid leave for two weeks, while James is suspended until Winter Break for assault via deli meat.

Ms. Zahm could not be reached for comment.

Update: Click this link to see message worn by Ms. Zahm.
Link to view back of hoodie
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