Data Analysis with Python: Adventures 1

Monday October 10, 2016 5:28 PM


Another essential tool in the world of data science in Python. I originally started with sci-kit learn and “machine learning” course on Udacity, but it had a lot of code with matplotlib for visualization which I didn’t understand. So I will be starting with Matplotlib :).

This guy is awesome for anything Python related. I loved his series on machine learning. He doesn’t write much code but it gets to the point is which I like, you are not overwhelmed with a massive chuck of code.


My plans after finishing this series is to go back to the Udacity course, I listed a set of material that I am going to follow in-order to understand ML in python :) (on item 2 of 4).

Insane Plans

Someone in “Data Hackers” facebook group suggested this… You probably won’t be reading my blog if you’re this smart haha….

Intermediate Statistics is an especially key introduction to the theory.

And if you are interested in some special topics: