Last month, Livepeer sponsored bounties at EthGlobal’s Web3 Weekend — the returns were EPIC . For starters, ETHGlobal used LivePeer Technology to stream the Web3 hackathon’s kickoff talks and ceremonies. Seeing LivePeer tech enable hackers learn about what they wanted to build, created a virtuous and full circle for the dweb and Livepeer community. Thus setting the tone, for the success to come.

All the Livepeer hacks submissions were unreal. Our top winners were:

  1. Content Stream
  2. LiveStream NFT and Minting
  3. DBS: Decentralized Broadcast & Stream and Huddle

Let’s dive into the hacks that blew us away.

Content Stream

Content Stream is a…

Test Miner at the Livepeer Office

A key component for the upcoming Livepeer Streamflow update is new software that allows GPU crypto miners to concurrently run the Livepeer video transcoding software. The video transcoding software takes advantage of the idle video processing ASICs on most commercial GPUs, thus effectively transcodes video while causing minimal disruption to the GPU’s hashrate. This enables GPU miners to participate in the Livepeer network without any additional capital expenditure and dramatically increases the reliability and affordability for the Livepeer network. Since our initial research, the engineering team has made significant progress towards this goal. …

The Livepeer Network was launched on Ethereum’s Mainnet on May 1st. It was an important milestone that marks the end of the Snowmelt phase. Since then, the team has been busy making small fixes and improvements. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are excited to continue pushing forward. I’d like to share a little about what we’ve learned so far from the launch, and what we are planning to do for the next phase.

What We Learned So Far
The emphasis on the Snowmelt phase was on functional correctness rather than performance and robustness. The launch made it possible for…

Key Points:

  • The initial bug bounty program will run from 3/27/2018 to 4/13/2018.
  • The scope for the current bug bounty program includes the Livepeer protocol smart contracts ONLY, which can be found here.
  • The protocol smart contracts has been audited — you can find the report here.

The Livepeer protocol launch will mark the very beginning of an iterative process to validate the protocol and the assumptions in its design. Since proper validation of the protocol requires some “skin in the game”, a small amount of tokens will be distributed. Livepeer has taken steps to ensure the security of the…

Blockchain is like a laboratory for incentives. It gives us a flexible framework to experiment with new economic models at a rapid pace, and this powerful feature of the blockchain makes it the ideal platform for many disruptions. An industry would typically take years to evolve its incentive models, but a new token economy can emerge within a matter of a few months.

Livepeer is one of these experiments. The goal of the Livepeer protocol is to create incentive alignment between a video broadcaster and a video service provider, so the best strategy to maximize profit for a video service…

We all love watching videos online. We spend hours everyday watching funny Youtube videos, weekend-binging Netflix shows, late-night streaming on Twitch. Facebook recently claimed video will be the dominant content format on the internet by 2020. But with all of its recent development in video content, video software still remains costly and opaque.

Proprietary Software

Video started out as a feature in the browser, but quickly became much more. Because of the slow internet speed in the late 90s, videos on forums often took hours to download. Engineers soon figured out a new mechanism called “video streaming”, where users can download small…


Decentralized applications (Dapps) are applications without a centralized owner. You may have heard of Bitcoin or Ethereum, maybe even Augur or IPFS. They are all examples of Dapps. I will not go into why Dapps are useful, you can go to Google or Medium and do a quick search. This post is about my experience building our first end-to-end Dapp — AuctionHouse with Doug Petkanics.

AuctionHouse is a decentralized auction platform for any on-chain non-fungable asset. It’s decentralized because the business logic is an Ethereum smart contract. For people familiar with web development, there is no “server-side” code except for…

AuctionHouse is a decentralized auction platform for Ethereum on-chain non-fungible assets. You can read about it more here.

You are probably here because you want to test out the app. So let’s get started!

Before you start using the app, you should make sure you are using Chrome, and you have installed the MetaMask chrome plugin. To install MetaMask, go to this URL, and click on “Add To Chrome”.

Open blockchain projects are about decentralizing services. For example, Filecoin for storage, Golem for computation, Ethereum for smart contracts, etc. Many of them are also platforms, and many of these services are generic enough to power many other services. I think a big group of them will replace / consume existing market sectors. For the purpose of this post, let’s call them SectorCoins.


A SectorCoin is a blockchain that powers a decentralized economy in a functional sector. It could be transportation, hospitality, or any other sector that involves multiple roles who exchange value. Grouping the blockchain by sectors is powerful because…

I watched the NextVR livestream of ICC soccer match between Real Madrid and Chelsea today. It was the first longform VR experience I was able to endure. Other than taking off the headset during half time, I had an uninterrupted 90 minute session.

Still, I can’t say it’s for everyone. Not yet. The image is blurry on the Gear VR — similar to being near-sighted and forgetting your contact lenses. The camera placement is sparse and limited. There are no overhead viewpoints. Because of the limited camera positioning, editing is very rough. On top of that, there were no commentators…

Eric Tang

Engineer +Entrepreneur, Building Livepeer. Previously CTO @wildcard. @carnegiemellon alum.

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