There are many ways to stay healthy with exercise and physical activity but there is a lot of misinformation out there. Here are six misconceptions and mistakes people make when trying to improve their physical fitness.

6 Common Mistakes When Exercising and One Surefire Way to Tackle Personal Fitness

  1. Stretching before exercise reduces the risk of injury

The truth is that the scientific literature of the past decade fails to support stretching before exercise as a successful strategy for injury prevention. However, research does support stretching at other times, including post-exercise, can reduce the risk of injury.

2. Thinking that walking a mile burns as many calories as running a mile

While walking is a great physical activity, it does not require as much energy as running. Research has shown that running has a 40 percent greater energy cost compared to walking. That means you burn more calories when you run.

3. Measuring the Wrong Results

Many people think their workout isn’t working because they don’t measure the right things. Looking for proof in a scale is often a set-up for disappointment because some new exercisers build muscle and lose fat, but the scale doesn’t provide information about body composition. Many of the benefits from exercise are subtle and not visible by looking into the mirror, but things such as cholesterol level, blood pressure, and the ease with which you can do daily chores are every bit as motivating — if you monitor them.

4. Using jerking motions, especially when lifting

Speed is fine when done appropriately, but you should always have fluid motion and proper form when performing any and all exercises; otherwise you could strain or even tear something.

5. Using body parts not required for the exercise

Have you ever seen people doing biceps curls and rounding their shoulders or arching their backs? Those are just two of the big no-no’s that can lead to injury. Locking out your knees or elbows.

6. Arching your back

Picture someone on the barbell bench press, lifting a weight that is actually too heavy for them. Chances are that eventually, they will start arching their back. Sooner than later, that back is going to give out and they won’t be able to exercise for days, weeks or even longer.

Now that you’re aware of some common misinformation regarding fitness, here’s our solution to make sure that you stay on the path to a healthier lifestyle: Attend a regular fitness class.

Group classes can help you stay motivated

Being in an environment with a group of people that are in the same boat as you, striving for a higher quality of life will create a positive feedback loop to continue your drive to stick with the program.

Scheduled classes force you to stay on schedule

When we are left to exercise on our own time, sometimes we make up a ton of excuses why we can’t fit it into our schedule. With group exercises classes, you have to work around the schedule that is made by the gym. It’s already decided for you what time you’ll be working out.

There are experts to help guide you and answer questions

Experts Group exercise classes are taught by professionals who have been educated in the fitness field or certified by a fitness organization. They must pass both written and performance tests to get their certification. Continued education is a requirement to keep their certification so they are constantly introduced to new techniques and routines. You aren’t going to get that running on the treadmill. These instructors will bring you new moves from their workshops that will challenge you more than anything you can do on your own.

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