There is a place in library on Western Washington University campus call “Reserves” area. This is a place for students to do some quiet study and some research. This place’s purpose is to let students’ study more efficient. As a freshman student new to Western Washington University that wants to have a nice place to study. I looked for a lot of places, the lounges in dorm, cafeteria, and even in my friend’s room. Then I finally found this place in Wilson Library, the library in Western Washington University.

There might be some people questioning about this place. So first, I am going to briefly introduce the reserves area in library. This area is located on the second floor of Wilson Library, it’s a small area next to front desk. The design of it is simple, there are bookshelves that can let students borrow textbooks to study. There are computers for students to do online research. There are tables for students to do their homework and do reading. This is a place that can make the result of study better, it is quiet and they got all the resources you need for studying or doing homework, and I believe that there are a lot of places similar to here in other universities.

I am a quiet study student, and I have a lot of homework to do with calculations. So I really need a quiet place to study and do my calculations. The reserves area is well fit for me because of my situation. I like to talk about this place is because that freshman year is kind of the most important year to all the students in college, in order to get a good grade and pass the courses, they need to study in an efficiently way. This means that you can go to this kind of places to study and try to get your grade as good as possible.

I think all of you might have question like this, why we need to go all the way to library, or other study places to study, why not just study in our own room. The reason I will say is because I used to study in my room, but there are people walking and chatting, and if you sit in front of your desk, you might have your computer, then you will open the computer and start to play with it. Then you will not be able to finish your work in time. Although students own room might work as well as the reserves area in library, but there are still some things that will distract you while studying.

It seems like this place is full of benefits, but there are actually something not as good as we thought. Like you cannot chat with your friend at there, or students studying at there cannot have foods or drinks except for water. Though there are some strict rules here, but think about it, if you want to chat with your friend or having food and drink, why not just go to cafeteria or somewhere else that provides you a good place to chat and have meal. These rules seems strict but it does not really effect students who want to study here.

Places like reserves area in Western Washington University is really set up for students who want to get a good result of studying, and I believe not only Western Washington University has this kind of place for students, mostly every schools have these places. These places can be really helpful for students trying to study. I said these all by my own experience, me maybe next time, if you get a chance that you need to study. Why not found a place like this and try to study inside to see the result.

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