American Fraternity

A nation divided, not by borders or rivers or mountains. A nation split by lines much deeper than any other, yet are sometimes harder to detect. Two adjacent homes that couldn’t be further apart. Lives once intertwined with cookouts and campfires are now separated by a wall more impenetrable than a border wall; a wall of political division.

One yard is with her. The other calls for the greatness of times gone by. Both can’t understand what the other is thinking. One is accused of racism. The other of being a crook. One is accused of rape. The other of murdering the unborn.

These labels and accusations begin to be thrown, not just at candidates, but at their supporters, from neighbor to neighbor. Humanity is set aside. Past friendship is forgotten for the sake of being right.

Election night comes and goes. One home feels relief and hope, their neighbor feels a fear greater than any other. “Maybe the plant will open back up and I’ll get my job back,” says one. “Maybe we should move to a blue-er state that’s friendlier to gay families,” says the other.

The next morning, both neighbors descend the steps to get the morning paper. One slept well and smiles down at the headline. The other didn’t sleep a wink and grimaces. Both look up and notice each other.

Twin brothers truly see the other for the first time in months. All the anger and disagreement that clouded things melts away as they look at the other.

The victor sees the pain and sleepless worry etched on his brother’s face. He picks up the Trump sign in his yard and throws it to the curb.

The loser, his homosexual twin brother, with tears in his eyes, picks up the Hillary sign in his own yard and follows suit.

Brothers meet at the edges of their yards, at the border that divided them for months and embraced. There they stood, weeping into the other’s neck. Tears washing away the hurt and fear.

After some minutes, they separate and one invites the other into his home with a simple nod. The other smiles and follows his brother inside for coffee.

Prompt: List five cultural events that impacted you greatly. Then write about one of them without mentioning yourself.

*Trump winning the election*