Prompt: Pick a small object to be given one day to your great-grandchild. Write a letter to that child explaining why you have chosen this object.

To my great, grandson Stephen Eric Yoder V

I hereby bequeath this bean burrito with sour cream to you. I want you to always understand the value of $1.22 plus tax. Burritos just like this one sustained me through college and law school and I hope it starts your own love affair with Taco Bell. My love for Taco Bell was complicated at first, meeting often late at night in my car. Hiding her from my wife. But I grew bolder and eventually tried to take Taco Bell as a second wife in the state of Utah. Initially this move was legal nightmare but once the supreme court ruled that corporations have the rights of an individual, the legality of our union was easily settled. I hope she makes you as happy as she has made me!

With love,

Stephen Eric Yoder II

P.S. I have included the whole gambit of sauce packets so you can find your favorite! Mine’s ‘medium.’