Apple, it’s time to merge iOS with macOS
Avi Barel

While this idea sounds like a good go-forward path, Let’s start with some basics for today’s current platform.

  1. Unity between the iPad and iPhone UI. Both run iOS. In Apple Mail for example; When a message has been touched to read, the functions for Flag, Reply, Compose, Trash, etc. are at the TOP of the screen on the iPad and the BOTTOM of the screen on the iPhone. Yes, I know the screen geometries are different, but can’t Apple, at least, try and provide consistency? Some version of this anomaly is present across most of the Apple “Essential” applications that I use on these devices.
  2. **Let me use a mouse with my iPad** It’s been said a million times! If jailbroken I can use a Bluetooth pointing device, the capability exists. I don’t want to jailbreak my device, and I want a mouse. While the pencil is a good idea, I do not like to repetition of lifting my hand from a Bluetooth keyboard, picking up a pencil, and tapping the screen for basic screen touches; same applies for touching the screen to simply reposition a small cursor within a document with small text. Same applies to just scrolling through a document. I’m 100% okay with paying for an Apple branded mouse, touchpad, or combination keyboard/touchpad to enable this necessary feature. APPLE: Stop trying to segment functionality between devices. It just seems to be a ploy to sell more devices by selling intentionally functionality crippled hardware. (Surface got the message)

BTW: I have Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Linux screens in my field of vision. I’m not a #fanboy of any singular marketing paradigm.

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