More Wildfires in the USA

Sunday 12th August 2018

There are now more than 100 wildfires* burning in the United States. The state of California is suffering the most.

6 more blazes* erupted* recently. Now there are over 100 in total, with more expected to start soon. More than 30,000 personnel are fighting the fires, including 140 from Australia and New Zealand.

Picture: Getty Images (2018)

Part of the problem is dry storms*. They produce lightning* but very little rain. The lightening creates a fire and there is no water to stop the fire from spreading*. Extremely hot temperatures and strong winds are creating perfect conditions for the fires the grow.

Every year there are wild fires in the United States, and they seem to be getting worse. Many experts believe that it is because of climate change, but President Trump doesn’t think it exists.

*Glossary of Words
- wildfires: fuegos incontrolados
- blazes: incendios
- erupted: estallado
- storms: tormentas
- lightning: relámpago 
- spreading: extendiendo