Medium Prompt: Dark Side
Jen Kienzle

Hate communities online raise a variety of questions as far as legally but also if these hate communities are transcending from online to offline action. There is no doubt that the Internet is a gathering place for these hate communities to find other like-minded individuals or even possibly recruit new members to their hate community. Technology is not to blame for these individuals personal moral design but the question I have for the technological platform they meet on is how much does the first ammendment protect these communities? Should these hate communities receive the right to collectively hate online? This advocation of hate online has been seen discriminating almost any community you can think of. The first communities that cross my mind would be the Muslim community and the shift of white supremacy to forming a virtual community. It’s interesting to see the response of even new , positive communities responding towards the hate communities forming their own bond over being discriminating. I believe the nature of how these hate communities use the World Wide Web reflects their nature offline.