“To Tell the Truth”

My 4 year old daughter, queen of the world in Central Park

To tell the truth, is such an interesting phrase and becoming a very grey area in business nowadays. Throughout my career I have been a part of a number companies, some big, some small, some really well funded startups, some where we are begging for money to get started. As I get older, the “facts” seem to be up to interpretation with our fascination with finding the next Unicorn, the next Uber, Facebook, etc. that I wonder if my honesty and truthfulness are hurting me.

Granted, I understand what it means to provide the appropriate level of client service, steer clear of providing a hard and fast answer if it’s not something you find favorable, or even the “I’ll have to check and get back to you on that” if it is a direct question that you really don’t know, but I won’t lie to get ahead. You may be wondering what does your daughter have to do with this? Well, if ever I am in doubt, an image of this little one flashes through my head and between her and the Good Book, there is no doubt.

One final thing, as someone interviews for positions, one of the things they say is the most important is culture. But what do they really mean? Is it going out and getting bombed with everyone on a Tuesday night? Being supported to do your best work? Being left alone to do your best work? All of the above. Culture of a company, I am learning, can be faked for a bit, but ultimately, like people, doesn’t really change. It brings me back to something my dad told me a long time ago:

When you are young, your friends are who you work with…

When you get older, you work with your friends…

Not a bad thing to remember as I head towards 40.

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