Rust Modules In Less Than 5 Minutes

The View at 30,000 Feet

  1. Embedded in an existing source file.
  2. As a separate file next to your or
  3. As a separate folder leveraging a file.

Embedded Modules

Module Files

Module Folders

  1. The mod doorman; declaration in tells the Rust compiler that there’s a module named doorman somewhere in the src directory.
  2. The compiler will find the doorman directory and the file inside of it, loading that file as the doorman module.
  3. Inside we find two more mod declarations, pub mod greeter; and pub mod closer; . The compiler again looks for modules, this time named greeter and closer, but in the doorman directory. It’s also important to note that the declarations use the pub keyword. This exposes both the greeter and the closer modules as accessible outside of the doorman module.
  4. The files src/doorman/ and src/doorman/ are found and loaded as their respective modules. Making both the greet() and close() functions accessible.
  5. Finally, from our main() function, we can greet the user with doorman::greeter::greet(name); and say goodbye to them with doorman::closer::close(name);

Final Thoughts




Just a programmer

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Erik Tate

Erik Tate

Just a programmer

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