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The Liskov Substitution Principle is the L in SOLID object oriented design, and despite having one of the more intimidating sounding names of the 5 principles, it’s actually pretty easy to wrap your head around.

It’s so simple, in fact, that you’re going to understand it in about 3 minutes.

The LSP, in simple terms, states that objects of the same superclass should be able to be swapped with each other without breaking anything.

If we have a Cat and a…

As someone who’s been a “new developer” on a project a few times now, I’ve come up with a general general plan on making the first week as a new developer effective. Keep in mind, I am not a crusty old programmer that’s been doing this for decades, I am just one junior level developer who tries to be the best at everything he does. This is not the only plan, or the best plan, but it is my plan.

Day 1 — Environment Setup

On my first day, between onboarding and meet-and-greet responsibilities, I try to get my environment set up and the (or…

As a recent graduate of some in-demand technical skills (like CS, CIS, MIS, Computer Engineering, etc) recruiters and staffing agencies will likely find you, one way or another, and send you emails, LinkedIn messages, or perhaps even call you. If you’re anything like I was junior and senior year of college, you were slightly panicked about finding a job post-graduation, and these communications will look like the answer to your prayers. Or, if you’re naturally cynical, you may see these as scams. Well, both can be right.

In this article, I’m going to talk about what recruiters and staffing agencies…

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