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You claim that politics is all about getting power, and the left doesn’t understand. I want to tell you a personal story about how I came to truly understand the essence of power.

In my 30's, I was interested in understanding “power”; what it really was, how to get it, etc. So I worked diligently on Not for Profit community organizations and boards, and was eventually invited to join the local Air Quality Control Board (AQCB) This was the definition of power, because decisions made by the AQCB were not subject to review by anyone or any agency, as long as the decision didn’t violate a higher state or national law.

In my second year of membership, the AQCB elected me as Chairman.

That’s power. Make a decision, and it’s final. No checks and balances. No review by legislative entities, Mayors, Governors, Judges, even Presidents. No review by legislatures or courts or anyone in the City, County, State, or the entire United States. Wow. I was riding high!

Now I’d find out what the essence was of power. Real power. And I did find out. I discovered that power = responsibility.

Power = Responsibility

That’s all power is. Responsibility. Lots of responsibility. Responsibility for making the right things happen … for ALL the impacted stakeholders and constituents.

For example, I … and the AQCB, were responsible for paving dirt roads that contributed to lower air quality, among many other things. We were responsible for holding public hearings, convincing the local Air Force Base Command to provide excess paving materials, and the City Public Works Department to provide machinery and labor to do the paving and install safety signs. We were responsible for fixing the problems; all the problems that created poor air quality.

That’s all power was. Responsibility. What an eye opener for me!

I’ve been watching politics for decades. Because I care about America and Americans. It’s very clear which Presidents (and Presidential candidates) recognize that power = responsibility … and which don’t. It’s very clear which Members of Congress recognize that power = responsibility … and which don’t. It’s very clear which politicians are on a personal power trip vs. which politicians focus on their personal responsibility to America and Americans.

I would hate to see moderates, Democrats and liberals go on a personal power trip instead of being responsible for America’s well being. Because power = responsibility. It’s as simple as that.

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