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Don’t let the Right wing propagandist like Michael Parker, even speak! They like the far left can’t see past their own bullshit! MP was in intelligence, FFS! You can not be far right and intelligent not possible! You just can’t so MP made my block list, he adds nothing to the conversation, spews the rhetoric of a Trump supporter, and is a trump supporter!

I think we should just clean this up now, it’s simple! The Michael P, Douglas D, and Louis W types we got here after the medium switch, can be blocked and ignored, they are too stupid, too ignorant, or damn old to even been considered as serious!

Take a lesson from our wind bag in chief, the dirty game is the only way to play, LIE>LIE>LIE>CHEAT>STEAL>Don’t Pay Bills>Lawsuit>LIE>LIE>LIE, wanna buy a steak or a degree? no how bout some shoes from china at 15 times their value? No better yet I got some vodka to sale you even tho I don’t drink!

No morals, NO value! No unique thoughts! Same mouth breathing BS, Gays don’t deserve rights, racism isn’t really still going on! Do we really need a voting right act anymore, no no gut that, oh look a fat wind bag is now our president. Then they come to waste time chatting it up here, like we buy the expired milk they are selling.

It’s beyond funny that any them come here and think that they will be received with respect!?! How do I respect someone, who doesn’t respect freedom! That doesn’t care about anyone outside of the direct circle? That is so blind and ignorant, they believe they belong here, either in jest, or seriously!

They do not think for themselves!

They are not free individuals!

They have no progress in their lives, or in their thinking!

They here as noise, like the brown noise, but more like they come here and poop from the minds, using their hands, and a liberal’s invention to talk to the world.