Five minutes of stream of consciousness.
Lauren Foreman

  1. I apologize for bombing you with notifications.
  2. I have only made it half way through your stories so please forgive the next round of notification bombing when I have time to come back and finish.
  3. I follow you on Medium, yet never see your stories in my feed. I had a story that you wrote back in November in my feed today which is what lead to the notification bombing.
  4. Bravo. You are a talented writer. I felt as if I saw everything you wrote through your eyes and that is a skill that some writers never acquire. Never stop writing and certainly never stop being honest. Both are intense on many levels.
  5. You should consider having all of these pieces published in a book. If you have no interest in doing so will you please make at least one copy for me? I would truly enjoy your work on my bookshelf.
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