you need to rely more on God, you need to try yoga, you need to try such-and-such diet, you need to try natural supplements instead of drugs, and one piercing opinion from a relative: therapy without God is just psycho-babble (how dare I see a psychiatrist…the only one who was able to save my life…instead of a minister).
Outing My Bipolar Self
Alicia T. Rust

I love this, Alicia. Thank you for sharing and I do in fact understand from my own experience. I’m right there with you, in it til the end, friend.

I’m fascinated by the “fixers.” I recently wrote a story where someone left a comment asking if I’d tried being happy. I was like, Oh! Wow! I hadn’t thought of that! What a simple solution because really?

Good on you for sharing your stories. We need to hear them. The world needs to hear them.