That was very brave of you, to attempt that for your in-laws, even if it didn’t go as planned.
Randomly Me

I’ve cooked homemade battered zucchini fries and my boys loved them. I’m trying to be crafty since there’s so much zucchini. I also do a basic sauteing then freezing when we have too much so it doesn’t go to waste. We can pull it out and eat it with rice over the winter.

This is my first season I’ve ever had a garden and it’s magical. I’m in love. It’s also really helped when I’m struggling with bouts of depression because it’s given me some to focus on and has motivated me in moments of heart heavy sadness. I tell myself, “Get up, go outside and check on the garden.”

I plan on expanding for next season before the first frost. That way it’s all ready to go come spring.

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