As the temperature rises, things get seriously weird.
Notes on a heatwave
Karen Booth

This is true thing. I lived in Phoenix, Arizona for 20 years and it gets so hot there it’s irrational. In the summer the temp is an average of 120 F.

Dust storms roll in, suck up the city and then spit them back out. The inside door knob to your front door is too hot to touch, cars are insane to be in. You can have the AC cranked but it never cools off. You can’t go outside for more than 15 minutes and you must be fully clothed or you’ll get sun sick. It rains on average every 180 days. If you nap in the middle of the day you wake up feeling as if you’re on another planet. The fry and egg on a side walk? Totally true, as well as steaks and baking cookies. It is that hot.

The heat makes people crazy out of control and I think it’s because you really only have two options. You either fry near to death outside or have cabin fever from never going outside. By June you can forget the pool. It’s like swimming in warm piss water. Even the over night temp is still 100+. Hours after the sun goes down everything outside still burns to touch.

I have eight cats and it never seemed to bother them. They’d sleep outside all day. Sometimes I would drag them back inside, but they were also born and raised there so maybe they were used to it. We live in Iowa now and they will not, absolutely no way will they go outside when it’s raining or cold.

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