Anthony Levandowski- Forgiveness (Article 28)

Beverly Hills, Palo Alto

I forgive Anthony Levandowski, even though he has never said “I am sorry”

Those simple words, if said a few weeks or months ago, would of resolved everything.

A note to The Ballet Dancer, “Stephanie Olsen”. I am sorry. Anthony left big foot prints in the snow. Take real photos and videos in real time with family and friends. Let him sleep in the spare guest room. Don’t keep him in the “dog” house. There’s not much time left, I read the July 2017 issue of National Geographic. That helped me.

We all have our faults, I eat mini-m and m’s with popcorn and butter.

I also have not displayed the Christian personality since mid- June 2017. I am sorry. This is what happens when one works for Anthony Levandowski. I attempted for many months to have Anthony take care of work disputes. He did not care. He only cared about himself. Bad Associations spoil useful habits. It’s a scripture from First Corinthians. Anthony wasted my time over and over again. I was pushed to the point where I have to file a complaint in court. This is Anthony’s fault. Not mine, making that super, super clear.

Please forgive Anthony as I have. The pain is unbearable, the deceit is torture for you and for me.

(Writing in Progress)

Yours Truly,

Erika W. Styles

Copyright 2017

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