Anthony Levandowski- A Letter to Honorable Judge Alsup (Article 29)

Los Angeles, CA

August 7, 2017

Dear Honorable Judge Alsup,

My name is Erika. I use to work for Anthony Levandowski. I have not seen him for about six weeks now.

I can do a more formal introduction later, I just need a few hours of sleep. I have a four year Bachelor degree from an accredited University in California. I studied Liberal Arts and Biology. I have a B.A. in Theater Arts, and a minor in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology. When I was younger, I worked at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the lab for the President for the National Academy of Sciences in the field of genome sequencing.

I have experience helping children and adults in the operating room, Pediatrics, Trauma One Level Training in the Emergency Room.

I have no less than of 3,000 hours of volunteer missionary service in my lifetime. I have served in Northern California, New York, Indian Reservations at Lake Powell, and the Midwest(aka Bible belt, I got my butt kicked there, literally and verbally)

My last volunteer assignment was in 2012.

I have worked on and off in the film industry for prestigious showrunners in Los Angeles that produce feature films for $40M to $60M dollars. I worked as a discreet liason for producers and showrunners that want their anonymity. I worked for a small law firm in San Francisco that specialized in workman’s compensation, labor disputes and disability.

I returned to Stanford University this past semester. I am a pre-law student. At the time I wanted to become an transactional attorney. I took coursework in Constitutional Law in Palo Alto. I spent fifty to sixty hours in the Law Library a week for legal study there during the open study hours at Stanford.

I am extremely tired, ill and dehydrated. I have had a few hours of sleep each week. Some nights I have three to four hours of sleep, if I am lucky. I have alkaline water, that is what I need…I took my last set of medicine two days ago.

I have “admissible” evidence. Photos, Text Messages, personal witness testimony which I can sign and verify, but I want witness protection guaranteed. I moved. If Levandowski found me he would hire an execution style kill, torturing me. I mean it. He does love to torture on film. I saw the devices and various leather belts and bondage straps.. (All documented)

My attorney’s name is Nathaniel Sterling and his email is on my website, www.erikastyles. com. It is nathanielsterling at, I believe.

I believe I have photos of the components of the lidar technology that may be troubling you. It is a circuit board, and some other items. GBr3… is that what is is called? Grizzly Bear three?

On March 11, 2017. I was with Anthony and Travis for no less than six hours. I can document my presence via screenshots on my cell phone for all these events below.

One week later, Anthony met with Randy Miller, on or about March 16, 2017. I was there until 11:30pm or later. I was with his partner for about eight hours and I was the only adult witness. It was a few days before Anthony’s birthday. I remember that now as in my journal it said “Birthday cake” , he threw it out, it was a “three tier chocolate with very heavy frosting.”

On March 18, 2017. Anthony spent the day with his parents, stepmother Suzanna Musick and father Steve. He stepped out that night for five or six hours of sex bondage and torture with “Erica”, I allege. I know when he is with her because he puts his phone down for rough sex. He does not answer my texts. He lives by his phone with no security code. I have seen some of his text messages from Erica his dominatrix and young adult mistress, Miles Ehrlich (ME) and perhaps Eric from Uber. I allege he pays “her” via Wells Fargo Surepay.

Erica left her black dominatrix boots in my shared work space, so that is why I allege she is Levandowski’s dominatrix. ( I have photos and text messages from Anthony, and he kindly responded to me “they belong to my dominatrix”, he documented this, a complete idiot via text)

I know this for a fact because I have a medical license in the medical field of Fluoroscopy, issued by the CA Department of Health. I can look at any person up and down, head to toe, and be dead on about height, weight, and shoe size. This is what I did in pre-operative care, before the patient entered surgery, I would say consoling words, and double check the chart for patient ID and statistics like height and weight.

I have experience in the operating room and have imaged patients with sex toys that accidently went up their anus. Patients cannot remove these devices by themselves, so the surgeon and I have to remove the items via “live imaging”. This happens in San Francisco.

I have had a medical license since 2005 which I barely use but renew my medical license every two years. So I knew upon meeting “Erica” in person, that her education is from teenporn and, from her work portofolio that she kindly left at our shared work space.

On or about March 25, 2017, I was with Anthony, Randy Miller, and Ognen S. (Tyto Lidar and Odin Wave) on or about March 25, 2017. They left close to 11:15pm and Anthony stepped out afterwards to meet Erica, his dominatrix for about two or three hours sex torture, I allege.

On or about Friday March 31, I spent the evening with Anthony in conversation. I also spent the evening with him on Saturday April 1, 2017.

We disputed over the crappy NDA that I never signed on March 31, 2017.

I know now, what has been troubling you. I have “ admissible”evidence regarding what I now believe, is the fourth trade patent dispute that has disturbed your intellectual conscious.

I have a small favor to ask, can you please demand of Miles Ehrlich legally, to please have Anthony transfer money to my Wells Fargo Sure Pay? This will take Anthony less than 30 seconds, he is torturing me. I have been employed by Levandowski under one year.

His real estate attorney said on July 19, 2017, (John Gardner at Donahue Fitzgerald).. Anthony would do ANYTHING to mediate and settle this. This is a lie. Anthony is torturing me because he knows my financial resources are limited. He is a sociopath, according to the National Geographic July 1, 2017 publication “Why do We Lie”? Anthony missed his interview.

Anthony lies to his attorneys, to his family, his children. IT is natural for him to speak and live deceit. He hides his illicit money through his mother in Belgium, his stepmother Suzanna Musick and his father Steve that live in Saint Helena (I have checks from Anthony that use her Napa address). I also found it odd that she sent me various emails from up to five different gmail and yahoo accounts.

The mother of his children “Stephanie Olson”, lives on Ashby Ave in Berkeley. Anthony’s house is under her name, not his. He never married her. Anthony keeps his money there, using “Stephanie” as a cover, I allege also for hiding money. If he married her, there would be a track record. Hence, Olson. His brother Mike Levandowski works at Otto Trucking, I have seen him on many occasions speak French to Anthony. They speak French to their birth mother in Belgium.

Anthony’s cousin, in her twenties, I allege and believe lives perhaps at the 2201 Dwight Way address, her legal name may be “Maureen Levandowski” aka “Gabriella” or “Gabby”. She has various names but speaks only “English”. That is “odd” I thought, why does Gabby have so many different names? I have never met a family such as the Levandowskis… Suzanna has so many different emails, so many different names/accounts for one person…. I say “Dejorvak” is Anthony mother’s last name because at work one day at say Otto, the child said, my dad’s last name is Dejorvak, the other child says, my “mom’s last name is Olson”.

Gabby, Gabriella, Maureen, whatever her name she is… works in advertising from what she told me. I allege Anthony uses her name for several monetary accounts as well, and uses her address, whether it be Dwight Way or not. She mentioned they are very close which is why I allege he hides money under her name and property.

Anthony uses his immediate family members and Stephanie Olson(I allege) for his stolen cash or trust funds using their children’s names, age 6 and 3. I allege, he bore more children with Stephanie to use their names to hide monetary funds in trusts. I allege this because his step mother and Gabby mentioned to me that Anthony does not like “Stephanie”, he is afraid of her. They do not get along at all. She is “Crazy”. They “seperated” after one year, after their first child was born.

When Gabby said they separated, I thought, she meant that Anthony and Stephanie were married. But in one New Yorker magazine, from 2011, it said that he was engaged to her, but never married her. He only refers to Stephanie as “the mother of his children” in public, or just “baby mama”. So Anthony made a promise to marry her , but broke off the engagement, I allege this because he has too much cash and likes girls, half his age, rather than real mature women. Stephanie Olson is about 41, four or five years his senior. I met her once, she is very beautiful, has beautiful blue eyes and wondered, why would they say she is “crazy”? She seems normal to me, and then I thought recently, Oh…why would Anthony have another child with her, if he thinks that she is “crazy” and not marry her? I allege this because Anthony is greedy, he had a second child with her, so that he can use the child’s name to have a monetary trust, because only so many Levandowski’s can have so much money before the tax comes into place. Isn’t it that inhuman?

This is Anthony Levandowski. His true self. He has bred children for the sake of hiding money, he learned this from his mother in Belgium.. Is that sick? Demented? I am ill. For what I seen, what I may have heard, Anthony and his birth mother breed deceit, he carries his DNA legacy on with only financial gain and interest for himself.

Stephanie does not need to work. She hides his millions, perhaps stolen from Larry and Sergey, I allege. She has a very nice home, painted a nice forest green with lion sculptures outside… His house is under her name on Ashby Avenue, worth close to 3 million dollars and she sends their children to private school, an international one I assume that focuses on French. That house on Ashby use to be owned by Anthony, but he transferred his property to her name, using that address for perhaps a business. Such as his address in Palo Alto, his house on Cowper. His addresses are all public information online, by the way, that is why I know this. Anthony did not make any attempt to shield his residential addresses on line… so that is why the public still has access to his personal information.

That is how I found his Cowper Way address, because one court document mentioned Dogwood Leasing, which is tied to the nicely painted yellow home close to Stanford.

He uses his own family members, their names, changes their names, and uses their addresses for the sake of his “Greed”.

I have all their addresses, emails and phone numbers, except for Mike. I do not know where he lives but I assume close to Otto Trucking because he said it was expensive to live where he lives, and it is “expensive” in FIDI.

This is a family business, stealing money, hiding it. It all started with Anthony’s birth mother , “Dejorvak” who purposely resides in Belgium for financial gain and prosperity. Anthony funnels money to her, she hides it through her connections and ties to the Belgium government. I believe she is Apparate International.

Anthony, if he wanted to could pay me a few hundred dollars, a measly $2,500 that I would need for a health care visit,he could, but he chooses not to “torture” me. I need my medicine desperately. I do not have health insurance. This is Anthony’s fault.

Levandowski’s nipple clamps are not normal. They are the size of the palm of a man’s hands, they are heavy weight with variable settings.. for maximum torture. The settings are knob like. I have evidence of this. Normal sexually driven males, purchase the ones with one clip and one chain, lightweight.

Anthony loves to turn the dial clockwise to the right on his nipple clamps, I allege.

Levandowski is in violation of many of these items listed below:

Hiring, Termination, and Contractual

• Failure to Hire (based on discrimination/FEHA or Cal. Const. Article One, Section 8)

• Public Policy Tort Termination (Tameny tortious discharge)

• Tortious Constructive Discharge (forced to resign)

• Retaliation (Govt. Code § 12653; Lab. Code § 1102.5)

• Wrongful Demotion (Scott v. PG&E (1995) 11 Cal.4th 454.)

• Breach of Contract (oral or written)

• Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

• Intentional Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage

• Intentional Interference with Contract

• Promissory Estoppel (detrimental reliance on unenforceable promise)

• Unjust Enrichment/Quantum Merit

• Conversion (of wages) C/L

• Conversion of personal property C/L

• Fraud & Deceit (Civil Code §§ 1709–1710; 1534)

• Negligent Hire and Retention

• California Government Code § 12960, et seq.Fair & Employment & Housing Act

(“FEHA”) Violations

- Discrimination: based on race, age, sex (includes breast feeding per AB 2386),

pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion (includes religious)

dress & grooming practices per AB 1964) veteran or active military status (per AB

556) [based on disparate treatment or disparate impact]

- Sexual Harassment (conduct need not be motivated by sexual desire per AB 292)

- Failure to Prevent Discrimination/Harassment (Govt. Code § 12940(k))

- Failure to Accommodate Disability (Govt. Code § 12940(m))

- Failure to Engage in Interactive Dialogue (Govt. Code § 12940(n))

- Failure to Accommodate Religious Preferences (Govt. Code § 12940(k))

- Retaliation (Govt. Code § 12940(h))

- Aiding & Abetting (Govt. Code § 12940(g))

- Wage Discrimination

• Civil Rights Act Violation (discrimination against non-EE (Civ. Code §§ 51 et seq)

Leave Time

• California Family Rights Act (Govt. Code § 12945.2) (retaliation related to CFRA leave

Govt. Code §§ 12945.2(a), (t))

• California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law (FEHA Gov. Code § 12945(a)

• California Paid Leave Act (provides up to 6 weeks of partial paid time but no return rights &

extends protection to take care of seriously ill grandparents, grandchildren, siblings &

parents in law) (SB 770) (Unemployment Ins. Code §§ 2708, 3300–3303)

• Military Duty or Training (Mil. & Vet. Code § 394)

Miscellaneous Related Torts & Statutory Violations

• Defamation (libel & slander Civ. Code §§ 43,45, 46(3)-47)

• Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

• Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress

• Negligent Supervision/Retention

• Right to Privacy (C/L)

• Invasion of Privacy (Cal. Const., Article 1, Section One)

• Public Disclosure of Private Facts (invasion of privacy)

• False Light (invasion of privacy)

• Improper Disclosure of Health/Medical Information (Civ. Code § 56.20, HIPAA)

• Improper Disclosure of Social Security Number (Civ. Code § 1798.85)

• Improper Use of Consumer Credit Report (Civ. Code § 1785.1)

• Improper Use of Investigative Report (Civ. Code § 1786)

• Assault (C/L)

• Battery (C/L)

• Civil Extortion (C/L)

• Fraud and Constructive Fraud (CC 1572–1573; 1709–1710)

• Sexual Battery (Civ. Code § 1708.5)

• Civil Conspiracy to violate [add tort] (not freestanding, must be paired with violation of a law)

• Unfair Business Practices (Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 17200–17500 et seq.)

• Whistleblower Protection Act (CA), Gov. Code §§ 9149.20–23, 8547.1–12. Cal Gov Code

§§ 8548.1–5. Whistleblower Health and Safety Code § 1278.5; Health & Safety Code §

53298 (health & safety); Whistleblowers also protected under C/L.

• Physician-employee advocating medically appropriate health care (Bus. & Prof. Code §


Wage Claims & other Labor Code Violations

• § 96k provides lost wages for failure to hire, demotion, suspension or discharge from

employ b/c employee engaged in lawful conduct during non-work hrs away from ER’s

premises (will not support ppt)

• § 98.6 discrimination for exercise of rights (AB 262 expanded to include protections for

employee engaging in immigration-related activities) (AB 254 makes employer liable for

criminal extortion for threatening to report immigration status)

• § 132a discrimination for filing work comp claim (use only as basis for ppt)

• § 201 wages due on termination (immediate)

• § 202 wages due on quitting (72 hours)

• § 203 penalties for willful failure to pay discharged/quitting EE

• § 210 willful failure to pay — see also Lab. Code §§ 2698 and 225.5

• § 215 makes failure to pay wages due a misdemeanor

• § 206.5 forced to sign release for wages due

• § 218.5 attorney fees for any action relating to non-payment of wages (limited ER’s ability to recover attorney fees as prevailing part only if EE brought claim in bad faith per SB 462)

• § 221 makes illegal collection back from employee of any wages paid

• § 223 makes illegal any deal to pay less than prevailing wage due under statute or contract

• § 225.5 penalties (query whether can be demanded under private atty gen.)

• § 226 penalty/remedy due to employee’s failure to provide specified info on wage stmts

(SB 1255 employee “injury” as failure to provide accurate wage statements even if no actual injury)

• § 226.7 illegal to make employee work during meal or rest period — 1 hr penalty (recovery

period required to cool down to prevent employee heat illness per SD 435)

• § 227.3 vacation time due at termination

• § 229 allows employee to sue in court for wages despite any agreement to arb.

• § 230 Jury duty or witness leave

• § 230.1 Domestic Violence Leave (includes victims of stalking per SB 288)

• § 230.2 Crime Victim Leave (allows victims of crime time off to testify in court)

• §230.3 prohibits discrimination against employee for performance of emergency duty as

volunteer firefighter, reserve peace officer or emergency rescue personnel

• § 230.4 Temporary Training Leave & reinstatement for voluntary firefights, reserve peace

officer or emergency rescue personnel (14 days/no retaliation for taking leave per AB 11)

• § 230.7 prohibits termination or discrimination against employee for req’d appearance in

school after child suspended

• § 230.8 protects employee who is parent, guardian or grandparent having custody of child

for taking time off (up to 40 hrs/yr) to participate in child’s activities in school

• § 232 prohibits retaliation or termination of employer for discussing or disclosing wages

or refusing to agree not to disclose wages

• § 233 Kin Care Leave (allows use of sick leave for illness of child, parent, spouse)

• § 234 makes violation per se where policy counts sick leave as absence

• § 351 makes it illegal to take tips from employee

• § 353 requires employee to maintain tip records

• § 407 Unlawful to require investment or stock purchase

• § 432 allows employee to get copy of any writing he has signed

• § 432.2 prohibits use of polygraph

• § 432.5 forcing employee to sign agreement to engage in illegalities

• § 432.7 prohibits requiring applicant to disclose arrest not resulting in conviction or

dismissal or info concerning a referral or participation in pre/post trial diversion program

• § 432.8 protects employee from disclosing marijuana possession conviction more than 2

yrs old

• § 435 no audio/video recording of employees in bathroom, changing rooms

• § 510 work day 8 hours, overtime 1 ½ after 80.

• § 512 meal period

• § 515(d) requires nonexempt employee’s be paid OT for hours beyond 40 hrs/wk, 8


• §752 non-unionized employee’s in smelters or underground mines have right to fair and

impartial election to establish workday > 8 hrs

• § 923 right to spokesperson of own choosing (pre-empted by NLRA; limited to attorney or

coworker representation w/consent)

• § 970 misrepresentation (of kind, nature or duration) inducing change of residence for purpose of

work, double damages § 972

• § 980 restricts employer from requesting access to employee’s social media

• § 230.7 makes termination illegal for parent to visit child’s school

• § 232 makes illegal refusal to allow employees to discuss wages

• §§ 1025–1028 Alcohol Drug Rehab Leave prohibits ER w/25 or more ees from

discriminating/retaliating against employee who believes is denied accommodation to

participate in rehab program)

• §1041 Adult Literacy Leave (prohibits employee from discriminating/retaliating against

employee who believes denied accommodation to enroll & participate in adult literacy


• § 1050 (misrepresentation to potential new ers)

• § 1061(b)(1) Janitorial and building serve ees may not be terminated without cause for 60

days follows change in building services contractor.

• §§ 1101–1102 prohibits dx/retaliation against employee for engaging in political choice

• § 1102 threat of discharge as coercion of political activity

• § 1102.5 whistleblower rights re refusal to engage or threatening to or actually reporting

legal violations (see also CAL OSHA type reports, § 6310–6311) (SB 496 modified to

protect employee regardless of whether disclosing info is part of job duties & includes

complaints based on reasonable belief of violation of local rule or regulation)

• § 1102.6 shifts burden of proof to employer to prove by clear and convincing evidence

that termination would have occurred regardless of whistle blowing

• § 1102.8 requires posting by employer of whistleblower numbers

• § 1182.5 min wage $9/hr (effective 7/1/14) and $10/hr after 1/1/16 (AB 10)

• § 1194 authorizes civil action regardless of agreement to contrary re min & OT wages due

(§ 1194a) attorney fees authorized.

• § 1194(a) civil action for unpaid min wage or OT

• § 1194.2 double amount

• § 1197.1 liquidated damages for willful failure to pay min wage to Lab Comm.

• § 1197.5 wage discrimination based on gender (violation of Cal. Equal Pay Act)

• § 1197.1 liquidates damages for willful failure to pay min wage

• § 1198.3 protects EE who refuses to work hrs in excess of those permitted by IWC orders

• § 1198.5 reqs inspection of personnel records w/in 30 days written request ($750 penalty –

see also § 226 which requires copies of all wage statements upon EE’s request)

• §§ 1400 et seq. WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (mass layoff

requirements for State of CA; minor differences with fed WARN)

• §1450 Domestic Workers Rights Act (OT after 9 hrs/day or 45 hrs/wk)

• §1512 Donor Leave (protects EE who took paid leave to donate organ/bone marrow)

• § 2699 Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) (administrative exhaustion required)

• § 2751 commission agreements must be in writing

• § 2802 indemnification to EE

• § 2810 require written agreements for certain labor & services contracts (warehouse

contractor (AB 1855), construction, farm labor, garment, security guard, janitorial)

• § 2856 excuses noncompliance with illegal orders

• § 2929 no termination for one judgment’s garnishment (LC notice req’d in some cases)

• § 2930 failing to provide copy of shopping investigator’s report before disciplining or

terminating when based on report of employee’s conduct, performance or honesty)

• § 6310 no discrimination against EE for safety complaints to government (note: complaint to ER)

is complaint to the government for whistle blowing protection rights)

• § 6311 no discharge for refusing to work in violation of Cal OSHA

• California Code of Regulations (cite as Cal. Code Regs. Tit 2, section 7286.9A9)(1) (back

pay to be in position as if discrimination had not occurred).

• § 6399.7 protects EE for complaining/testifying re non-compliance w/ Hazardous

Substances Information & Training Act

• § 6402 no ER shall require or permit any EE to be in place of employment which is not

safe and healthful.

• § 6403.5 protects health care worker for refusing to lift, reposition or transfer patient due

to concerns re patient/EE safety or b/c of lack of trained lift team personnel or equipment

• § 6404 no ER shall occupy or maintain any place of employment that is not safe and


• § 6405 no employer shall construct or cause to be constructed unsafe premises.

• Industrial Welfare Commission Orders (governs minimum wages, maximum hours and

overtime in California, Lab. Code §§ 1173, 1176–1182, 1184–1190; also cited as 8 Cal.

Code Regs §§ 11000 et seq. (IWC defunded in 2004 but orders remain operative)

• Health & Safety Code § 1278.5 (Health care ER may not discriminate or retaliate for EE

making grievance to gov’t re quality of care, services or conditions.

• Cal. Fin. Code § 6530 (savings association may not retaliate against whistle blower)

Public Employment Causes of Action

• Must file tort claim per Gov’t Code (not required for FEHA claims) (Gov’t Code § 905)

Failure to Discharge a Mandatory Duty Imposed by Enactment (Gov’t Code § 815.6)

• Dangerous Condition of Public Property (Gov’t Code § 835)

• Liability based on gov’t EE’s conduct in course and scope (Gov’t Code §§ 820.2–823)

• Peculiar Risk of Harm

• Negligent Retention of an incompetent contractor

Miscellaneous Labor-Related Federal Causes of Action

• Family Medical Leave Act (29 USC § 2612(a); 29 C.F.R. § 825.100)

• Civil Rights Act of 1866 (42 USC § 1981)

• Civil Right Act of 1964 (42 USC §§ 2000e-2000e-17).

• Age Discrimination in Employment Act, 289 USC §§ 621–634) (“ADEA”)

• Rehabilitation Act (29 USC § 791)

• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 42 USC §§ 122101–12213)

• ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA)

• Equal Pay Act of 1963 (29 U.S.C. § 206(d)) [see also wage dx Labor Code § 1197.5]

• FLSA — federal equivalent for wage and hour claims (29 U.S.C. §§ 201 et seq.) (provides

for individual liability)

• False Claims: Federal False Claims Act 29 USC § 3721

• WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act 29 USC § 2101); ERISA

(prohibits terminations for purpose of interfering with the attainment of any plan right), 29

USC § 1140

• Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), 38 USC

§ 4311 (no discrimination in hiring, reemployment, retention on basis of military service)

• 11 USC § 525(b) May not discharge EE for filing bankruptcy

• Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) 18 USC §§ 1961(1)(F),

1961(c), 1962(c)

• Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Whistleblower, 18 USC § 1514A

• Dodd — FrankWall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (WSRCPA), 15 USC §§


• Whistleblower Protection Act 5 USC § 2302 (fed EEs)

• Defense Contractor Employees 10 USC § 2409

• Toxic Substances Control Act 15 USC § 2622

• Asbestos Hazard Emergency Reponses 15 USC § 2651 (state or local agency prohibition

on discrimination)

• Major Frauds Act 18 USC § 2807

• 42 USC § 1985(2), Federal Court witness protection from termination

• Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 19 USC § 218c

• Occupational Safety and Health Act 29 USC § 660

• Records and Reports on Monetary Instruments Transactions 31 USC § 5328

• Federal Water Pollution control Act 33 USC § 1367

• Veterans Affairs 38 USC § 319 (retaliation)

• Emergency Health care Act 42 USC § 1395(dd) (hospital EEs protection)

• Institutionalized Persons 42 USC § 1997(d)

• Energy Reorganization Act 42 USC § 585; 50 USC § 2702 (relates to Dept. of Energy)

• Solid Waste Disposal Act 412 USC § 6971

• Clean Air Act 42 USC § 7622

• Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Act 42 USC § 9610

• International Safe Container Act 46 App. USC § 1506

• Aviation Investment and Reform Act 49 USC § 42121 (safety violations)

• Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety, Trucking and Transportation 49 USC § 1105

• Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002 49 USC § 60129

Causes of Action may be allowed in following cases, which are otherwise barred by law that Workers

Compensation is Exclusive Remedy:

• Dual Capacity Doctrine (ER manufactures product which injures the EE or ER serves

separate legal role

• Power Press Exception

• Employer failure to obtain work comp

• Assault by ER or ratification of assault by co EE.

• Fraudulent concealment by er of existence of an injury

• Negligent Exercise of Retained control

• Dangerous Condition of Premises

• Negligent Act of Third Party

• Gigux Doctrine (negligent act of separate but related entity)

• Negligent Performance of an Undertaking

• Peculiar Risk of Harm

• Negligent Selection of Contractor

• Negligent Provision of Required Precautions/Safeguards

• Negligent Failure to Warn of a Dangerous Condition

  • Liability for Acts of Unlicensed Subcontractor

Anthony Levandowski has on a regular basis $500,000 in his Wells Fargo Checking. He has the circumstances to aid me with $2,500. This is torture for me, my legal work is not paid for as a student.

I allege Anthony used this amount $2,500 the last time to pay “Erica” for whatever immoral service she provided for him the last time I visited Anthony.

Erica, I allege is an independent contractor or undocumented ‘employee’.

I highly recommend the discovery process on his immediate family members. I believe you can find all the stolen monies in his immediate family members “names, French or English”. He also, I allege, makes calls from the landline at Otto Trucking due to the time difference in Belgium.

I apologize profusely for any spelling errors, I am tired and “ill”. I do not know how much I can physically endure without my medicines. I am tired, and would like one doctor visit.

Honorable Judge Alsup, I hope this will not affect my potential future clerkship with you in your office for 2018. My recent employer resume is not impressive. The name “Levandowski” does damage to my reputation, not his.

Yours Truly,

Erika W. Styles

copyright 2017. no reprinting or content of my work allowed, please. I have many lawyers that represent me.

Writing Draft in Progress

Note — regarding ALL articles on this blog — spelling, and grammar /small note /written errors very likely to happen here and on Instagram. (nouns, verbs, famous people, nice VC people. I am tired, too tired for “Grammarly.”) No time to edit/review articles on this blog until perhaps mid-October, 2017. Just to be clear for legal purposes regarding this blog — this blog is not a “verification” form of any sort, nor should it be used verbatim in court. I am very very very tired.

August 7, 2017 @ 5:18 pm

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