5 Steps to Landing Your Tech Dream Job as a Woman
Kimberly K.

So I’m a female software engineer — I’m also not humorless and/or satire-deaf, but this isn’t funny, and isn’t remotely true. This actually bothers me a lot because I’m pretty sure that a major factor in perpetuating the gender gap in tech is the myth that you’ll have *terrible* experiences if you’re a woman. Qualified female applicants for engineering positions are rare because women aren’t entering the field in the first place. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that sexism doesn’t exist in the tech industry — it does, and I’ve experienced it, but never in a way that had a real negative impact on my career — it’s really not much worse in tech than it is in our culture in general (also good luck finding an industry where you’ll never work with an a** hole). Tech has its culture problems, but it’s also pretty egalitarian; if you write great code and are a basically nice and intelligent person, you’ll probably do well. Seriously, if anyone is reading this who is female and considering a career in tech, don’t be discouraged — being a woman in tech is usually pretty awesome.

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