What makes you employable?

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Wouldn’t we all want to know what was the secret to making us the most attractive candidate of the other 100 people applying for the same job as you. Fact is that everyone is simply different to the other person due to their upbringing, life experiences etc. , however if you are applying for a job with for example people who have gone to the exact same school, lived in the same country and have studied the same degree, what caused the other to receive the job other than you. Are you left wondering what tricks they had up their sleeve that you didn’t? Well here are some things that definitely caught the eye of the employer that maybe you did or didn’t have:

  • Not just from a business point of view but even a general trait which I’m sure is attractive to all of us is a person who knows what they want. They have goals and know what they need to do in order to achieve this goal and also have the motivation to get there. If your employer can see that you know yourself and what you can offer them then you are straight away in a better position than the next guy who doesn’t have the guts to admit what he can and more importantly what he can’t offer.
  • Surely we have all heard that without a degree you can’t compete in the job market or that in order to get that well paying job you have to go to university, well yes and no. Presuming we are talking about a well paid job then yes you will definitely benefit from a higher degree, not simply because you have obtained that beautiful piece of paper but because of what you have learned in addition during your time at university. Participating in sports teaches you team skills, overseas experience gives you an insight to other cultures, people, even possibly another language and most importantly work placement/job experience gives you the chance to put your learned book skills to use in a real work environment which the employer will most definitely appreciate. Of course if you do nothing but the minimum while studying then I can’t say that this degree is going to make you more special than that other person that also simply wanted to quickly get a degree and do no more.

Having as many of these experiences, traits and extras will put you in a better position than the other guy next to you who does not have the degree, has not put themself in situations to learn new things/experiences and does not have anything other than what they have read in a book. No it will not guarantee you a job but it will make you more appealing to the person hiring you. Just imagine yourself as the employer comparing cvs, 99 looking exactly the same and there’s YOU with the extra this and extra that, well let’s just say it puts you in a pretty damn good place. So be active, be open to learning new things even if it is something completely different to your dream career, because everything can teach you skills that you can benefit from even if you don’t realise it. Last but not least, know what you want because it will make learning and building yourself much easier, plus it will make training and working with you as smooth as possible and I’m sure any employer would appreciate a work relationship with no unnecessary bumps on the way.

If you skipped this novel of a blogpost, let’s just say that being an all rounded active and confident person in life as in university won’t harm you if you’re trying to acquire a job.

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