When you’re working from home, there’s no boss or manager nearby to monitor or guide your performance.

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While the current social norms have forced most companies to rely on remote workers, the situation may only be temporary. Once the restrictions are lifted, employees will probably return to their office jobs, leaving the comfort of their homes behind.

Still, if during this time you learned you would like to shift to working remotely full-time, make sure you have the right skills for it.

#1: Self-management & Discipline

When you’re at home, there’s no boss or manager nearby to see you happily scrolling Facebook or Instagram instead of working on your already past deadline project. …

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Link building starts with search. Do you want to run a guest blogging campaign? Find prospects. Willing to launch a resource page campaign? Find prospects. Planning to earn more links with another skyscraper campaign? Find prospects.

Sounds like a tedious but simple task… at least at first.

Now imagine this:

You have a client who needs a regular influx of links. Quality links, of course. And the client prefers building links from guest posts. Okay, first you’ll search for a list of websites that accept guest posts, run campaigns, earn links. Then, when more links are required, you’ll do the…

Are your remote employees happy and productive?

If you’re not sure, then you may not be engaging with them as well as you should.

Remote work has really taken off in the last decade. Perhaps it’s a new direction for your company, which can put the onus on you to make it work. Or something that’s been in place for a while, but with some niggles or outright problems, such as high turnover, poor communication, or no sense of a cohesive team.

In both cases, you’re feeling daunted and for good reasons.

You might be managing remote workers who are…

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Back in 2011, we would read articles claiming that SEO will soon be dead.

And here we are in 2019.

Is SEO dead?

No. And it’s unlikely to happen in the next few years.

But it’s definitely changed drastically over the last years. And it keeps changing and getting smarter. And we have to get smarter with it.

In this article, I’d like to discuss and share actionable on-page SEO optimization tips that are relevant in 2019. Read on to learn more.

First Impression Matters, As Always

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel by saying that meta-data inputs are super important. Your title, URL…

A collection of top industry articles and insights that have been published in August 2018.

Hey everyone,

First of all, thank you.

This is my very first digest and I’m honored to have you as my reader. Before I just hop right into it, I want to explain my motivation behind this project.

I’ve seen a lot of digests and roundups and article collections or lists… but none of them was on link building only. Usually, link building is mentioned somewhere between SEO and content marketing. Well, it is a part of all this, I get it. But I’ve got the feeling that sometimes link building is underestimated. …

In this article, I share three strategies to find broken links for your outreach campaigns: Nerdy Time Travelling, Tricky Star Chasing, and Meticulous Hell Exploring.

Check out the full text of the article here: https://linkbuilder.io/how-to-find-broken-links/

Guest posting is a well-known technique of link building. Some would say that it is outdated and not effective anymore but tastes differ. And I belong to the other group who practices guest posting on a regular basis.

Guest posting process starts with choosing websites, pitching them and then discussing the details.


Unless you represent NYT or the Guardian, it is very likely that you would receive a lot of answers offering sponsored posts. Usually, it looks like this:

“Hi Erika,

Thank you for your email. You topic suggestions are really intreguing. As we get tons of similar offers…

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