I watched the pilot episode of being Mary Jane. The show is about a black women who’s very successful, can’t find love, broke family. They start this show by having some guy Mary knew come over and they get intimate. She’s told by him he loves her, then she finds a marriage ring in the pants. Mary proceeds to carry the trope of “angry black women” because she starts beating him and pouring water all over him. Yelling “get out! Get out!”, who wouldn’t be mad about being cheated on though. After the scenario, on the screen pops up “42% of black women aren’t married”. This show is basically about a young successful black women trying to find love yet dealing with some hardships.

It’s all about class in this show. Mary has a huge, beautiful house, drives a expensive car, and wears expensive clothing. She never goes unrecognized and is asked for her autograph. Mary takes good care of her family, and makes sure they are never struggling. It makes it seem like women do more good with there money and power then men. A situation happen in the episode where her brother asks for 500, although they live at there mothers house for free and eat for free. It seems as everyones goes to her for money problems, but through out the episode when she needed them no one would listen. This makes the perception that when you have money people want only one thing from you, money. Although Mary is doing well on her own, her siblings still work basic jobs showing that she still lives a normal life. Mary Jane also says “ The middle class of America is now the ghetto, its the haves and have nots now”. This quote is basically saying if you want to be something or someone you have to be upperclass successful. If not, you’re a nobody and go unnoticed.

At Mary Janes job she goes unnoticed. She pitches a idea saying “all black women aren’t ugly, they are invisible”. Her idea is rejected. This show is showing how hard it is to be black, successful and a women. Three demographics at once. In one scene in the show, her mother was choking and needed help. Surrounded by all black people (her family), her brother puts an oxygen mask on her and a random white women shows up and gives her mother her medicine and gives Mary a nasty expression. Mary seem surprised that someone in the family was dating a white women. This makes it seem like not only Mary but black women don’t like seeing black men with other white women. This shows up more and more shows with majority black females. A stereotype was used in the episode where the “young black girl gets repeatedly pregnant”, and the aunt has to take care of her because her parents can’t. This also deals with class because Mary has to be the one to pay for everything for the baby, Mary is always the one being relied on. This portray successful black women as always taking care of there family, having no time for themselves because they are busy being there for everyone else.

Being black, a women, and single, while being successful is perceived and showed that it’s not easy. Being colored has it hardships and will always. In most tv shows black women are never portrayed as successful and it’s a reacquiring pattern of it. Mary Jane is a show that portrays three demographics race, gender and class.

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