A letter from my future self to my present self.

You did it. I always knew you could. All those big dreams that endlessly nagged at you in your mind were possible, even though most people thought you were crazy and wasting your time. But, you knew, deep in your heart, you always knew — so you just kept going.

Look around you! It all came true. ALL of it! You always knew it would be like this, or something even better. But, take NONE of this for granted. You always had a choice, and you chose to roll the dice on your dreams and hit the jackpot.

But, this was not all your doing. You had many angels surrounding you both of this world and not. They were the people who stood close when you were living back home with your parents — broke and almost broken — but who never, ever let you forget that none of that “stuff” really matters. They were a constant reminder that you had worth outside of the boxes we’ve been forced to live in to keep up the status quo. These people helped you believe your inherent worth — they persistently encouraged you — but they wouldn’t stay long if you started floating around in your self-pity and despair like an over fed fish. They were the little voices that convinced you there was still something to live for when all you wanted to do was lay down and die.

I hope now you will never, ever again ignore your gut, intuition and instinct — regardless of the naysayers. Who cares about them? That’s their own shit. Keep spreading your truth — because every hunch, every gut punch, every instinct — they come from a place called hope. Don’t ever be ashamed for having, and following, your hope.

Never let this success get to your head. You know how you can be — especially with unlimited amounts of money and flattery — now that you have these gifts, use them wisely. The only reason you are successful is because you decided to enjoy the process by expecting nothing in return. Choose Joy.

And, please don’t turn into a plastic fembot face. I know youth is intriguing, but please continue to take the road less traveled and choose Grace. You may not be the most gorgeous and youthful woman in the room, but you’ll be the most authentic. And, never forget, authenticity is priceless.

Stay humble. Your life does not depend on fame, but it does depend on humility and realness. Be brave enough to be all of you. Continue to support other women instead of falling into the trap of feeling threatened by their success and awesomeness. Relish with them in their joys and wins, and watch the incredibly positive results that will unfold for all of you, universally.

Choose love. Chose compassion. Chose to see both sides of the coin. Support others, don’t hurt them. It’s ok that some people have a completely different viewpoint than you do — it does not make them “bad” — it makes them human.

Don’t take it all so personally, girl. Life is freaking hilarious if you can look outside of yourself and into the nature of it all.

Keep being genuine. Keep yourself accountable for being real and honest and humble on a daily basis. Continue to write that daily gratitude list every morning, and get on your knees and thank the powers of Good for being the fuel to your fire. For making all your dreams come true — especially this yacht. ;)

But, never forget — faith without action is futile and compassion without action is bravado.

I’m proud of you.